playing in the back yard! November 14, 2013   

Yep, for most of this shoot, we just played in the backyard in the leaves and surrounded with the gorgeous autumn sunshine.  It was fun and the light was magical!

I loved working with this sweet, adorable family–it was our first time hanging out–but we clicked right away.  I always love it at the end of a shoot when the people tell me how much fun it was.  They are usually so surprised they had fun.  I guess people think it’s going to be stressful and miserable.  It makes me so happy to know I’ve helped them not only to freeze some moments in time at this stage in their life, but also to have a good time together.  I guess sometimes family photos become just one more thing to check off on the to do list.  This world makes it almost impossible to slow down and spend quality time together, and quite often that is what my shoots end up being–quality time to snuggle, laugh and play–I’m just there to capture it.

Thanks to this family for being fun and real!  xo andrea



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