local love: The Spice Diva April 30, 2013   

I so enjoyed this charming little shop and wanted to give it some Local Love!  I actually just happened upon this spicy little treat while I was out photographing another Local Love shoot.

If you haven’t been by to say hello to The Spice Diva yet, you really should–especially if you like to cook or bake!  The walls are literally lined with every single kind of spice and herb you can think of–and many I had no idea existed.  What a great gift to give someone who loves to cook or bake!

Check out the lavender sugar and rose sugar–yum!

Who couldn’t use a little more spice in their life–right??  Go to The Spice Diva and get some–you’ll love it!

  and then there were four! April 29, 2013   

We traveled up to Nova to work with this wonderful family of four.  I had worked with them when their first little one came along and was honored to capture their newest little addition a couple years later!  It’s always so much fun to see families grow and evolve! We had a great day working with them!  Just look at those sweet, kissable cheeks–how could we not have enjoyed ourselves?!

Big brother!  I love this sweet, special shot.




Thanks to this wonderful family!  We had a great time capturing your sweet family of four!  xoxo andrea&shack

  Brenna 2013 Senior April 28, 2013   

I was so lucky to meet this gorgeous high school senior!  Brenna had a killer smile and a sophisticated sense of style which brought her session to life.  Brenna I know you have great roads ahead!  I am excited to see you bloom and where life will take you.  Stay confident and strong!



  David 2013 Senior April 25, 2013   

This was another treat for me!  I have known Daivd personally for a few years now so it brought me great joy to capture his senior portraits.  He is one of the  sweetest gentlemen I’ve meet in a long time.  He has a sweet smile and a great sense of style.  We had so much fun playing in an urban setting for his photographs.  We had many laughs!  David, I’ll never forget our session together, hanging out at the Mole Hole, and carrying your suit and shoes all around the Downtown Mall.

I hope you run after all your dreams in the next few years.  You deserve the best.



  spring sunshine    

We loved working with this little sweet pea!  Look at her rocking her little vintage dress.  She was absolutely the perfect little subject!

Mom and dad were clearly in love with her!  I think this shot might me my fave from the whole shoot–so real and authentic!

They had a fabulous home with so much character.  When I saw their window seat, I knew we could get some amazing shots there.


Such a sweet family!  Loved their love! Thank you for allowing us to capture your new family of three!  Your love and connection is inspiring.

xo   andrea & shack

  Ines 2013 Senior April 24, 2013   

There are just some people in life that make you happy you’ve spent time with them.  Ines is one of those people for me!  From the moment I met Ines I was smiling.  She draws you in with her quiet smile and sparkling eyes.  Her simple beauty makes her senior portraits unique and classic.  Ines was adorable but I don’t even know that she knew it.  I loved that about her!

You are an amazing young lady Ines.  Best of luck to you!



  local love: Charlottesville SPCA April 22, 2013   

I truly enjoyed my local love shoot at the Charlottesville SPCA!  I ADORE animals and adore photographing them as well!  If you are familiar with my other work, you know I often include family pets in the photos as much as I can.  I have been wanting to photograph at the SPCA for some time now, so I was stoked when they said yes!!  I literally fell in love over and over again that day.

If you are looking for a pet, The Charlottesville SPCA is such a great place.  They have so many sweet animals to choose from who are just waiting for a home of their own.  Or, if you just need some sweet, snuggly love, these babies can give you that too–they’d love the company!  Such a wonderful organization!  

Check out all these sweet, beautiful animals:

I know the SPCA LOVES their volunteers and so do the animals!  I was so happy to be able to capture some of the connection and love between the animals and volunteers!

Perfect models.  They lined up like this all on their own :)


More awesome volunteers!

Thank you Charlottesville SPCA for allowing me to come capture your sweet animals.  Thank you for loving and caring for so many animals–you guys are awesome!!

  Mercy 2013 Senior April 17, 2013   

Mercy was one of my last sessions of the fall season.  I think we ended the season with a bang with these images!  From the moment Mercy and I met I knew it was going to be an incredible few hours.  Mercy your unique personality really stands out in your images.  I loved the way you think outside of the box.  I was impressed with the maturity you demonstrated, the confidence you carried, and the way you think.  You are a powerful beautiful young lady!  I will never forget our session together!

Go boldly ahead Mercy, you can take over the world!



  Gabbi 2013 Senior April 9, 2013   

Gabbi was a Senior Rep Model last year for ASP.  It was awesome seeing her grow into her senior year status and then getting to capture her official senior portraits.  Her style is incredible but what really stands out in her photos is her natural beauty. Okay her eyes are just gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!  Gabbi has a great way to make people feel comfortable around her.  She is full of energy and giggles.  Gabbi thank you so much for sharing this experience with Andrea and I!


Best of luck to you Gabbi.  Chase those dreams confidently!




  birthday girl!    

Birthday fun at the Sweet Haus!

Loved working with this sweet little birthday girl!  We celebrated with all of her family and friends at Sweet Haus!  She was beyond excited!

Here’s just a tiny peek at some of their yummies!

Birthday banner.

Crafts for all of the kiddos!

The calm before the craziness!

The cupcakes ready for decorating.  Isn’t the hello kitty adorable!?



Getting ready to blow out the candles.  Isn’t she a cutie!?

A little sibling love!

Birthday mess!

Cousin fun!


Who says family photos have to be boring?  I love this!

Guess who was excited for presents?

And  I wanted to give this cute girl a shout out.  She is the brave woman who made the birthday magic happen.  You are adorable Annie!

I had so much fun!  Loved working with a bunch a three year olds and cupcakes–two of my favorite things!  May you have many, many more special birthdays surrounded with the ones that love you sweet girl!  xo andrea 



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