local love: Sustain March 28, 2013   

Sustain!   I love the flavor and uniqueness this shop has!  You can walk in there and know that you can find beautiful, unique pieces–jewelry, clothes, furniture and and even baby stuff.  You have to check out there very cool animal magnets down at the bottom of this post–they are made locally and I LOVE their cute simplicity!

The cool thing about Sustain is that not only are their products BEAUTIFUL–but it’s also a green, eco friendly boutique.  And, they donate 2% of their sales to an environmental nonprofit–so you can shop and help save the environment!  Very cool!

Every time I go in there I fall in love all over again with their very cool chandelier.  

They are definitely ready for spring/summer–check out these super cute swim suits.

And, if you love unique, funky jewelry, you definitely need to go and see all of their fantastic pieces.  They were so fun to shoot–and would be even funner to wear!

Lots of fun spring things to pick from:

The other thing I really like about Sustain is it truly is visually inspiring–the way they display their products is so fun!.

Super cute clutches!

And awesome local art!

And, they have some fun baby/kid things!  Wouldn’t those bunny slippers be perfect for Easter??


Finger puppets–great to put in the Easter basket!

These are the magnets I was talking about–cool huh?  I certainly wouldn’t mind having those on my fridge!
So, go pay Sustain a visit.  Lauren, the owner, is super sweet–and if you’re lucky, you might even get to see her gorgeous pup Argus!  I promise you will love it!
  A girl and her horse… March 27, 2013   

I was asked to capture some photos of Morgan for her mother.  I was so honored to see this mother daughter relationship the two of them have going on.  It was beautiful!  I loved the way the two of them interacted and really loved each other.  I was so lucky to meet Morgan’s love-Dillon the horse!  Morgan was so much fun to photograph.  She had a quiet shy sense about her but when the camera came out a different personality bloomed.  Her inner beauty stands strong in her images and some of them still make me say, “Wow!”


Thanks for a fun afternoon Morgan!  Hope our paths cross again soon!



  Rachel 2013 Senior March 20, 2013   

When I first met Rachel I must admit that I was totally intimidated!  She is one of those people that you can tell instantly that they are incredibly smart.  I knew off the bat that she had brain power that I couldn’t even imagine!  We giggled a bit about how differently we thought about things.  I loved hearing stories about her and seeing her strengths highlighted.  What was so sweet about Rachel was the shy way she interacted with me during her session.  I loved how natural her images turned out and how simple.  Rachel is a gorgeous young lady and I am so thankful I got the gift of spending time with her.  This girl is going places, I can’t wait to see where!

Best of luck in all that you do Rachel.






  Kendall 2013 Senior March 16, 2013   

I am so lucky to have personally known Kendall for a few years.  It was awesome to have the opportunity to capture her senior portraits.  We had a lot of fun on a local farm location.  We laughed and got to play in the grass.  Kendall made her session with me unique with her simple touches of style with her clothing and accessories.  Her images turned out stunning.

Kendall I wish you all the best of luck in the roads ahead.  Stay true to yourself my friend.



  Local Love Ana Cavalheiro Jewelry March 14, 2013   

Another AMAZING place to shop in Charlottesville!  If you haven’t checked out Ana Cavalheiro’s Jewelry shop on the downtown mall yet, you must!  I adore Ana and her gorgeous jewelry and am so happy to give her some local love.  I was super excited to capture some of her art to show how talented she is.  The thing I love about Ana’s jewelry, is that she designs it from start to finish.  She’s not just a jewelry shop, but she creates beautiful art that you can wear.  I know that any piece of jewelry purchased from her is a unique, original design.  I always get SO many compliments when I wear her beautiful pieces!  Check out those all those fantastic rings.  LOVE!


Check out her very cool inspiration board.  I love it when you can see how artists get inspired.

Some of her sketches.

Her tools–even they are pretty! And, look at the wax molds in the bottom right corner.  So cool!  Her entire process is just amazing!

Fun little sparkles. 

And some of her gorgeous finished products.  Love these stacking rings–so fun and colorful.  Just perfect for spring–or mother’s day, a push present or an anniversary (hint hint guys!)

I have been lusting over the green jeweled earrings for a while now.  Absolutely exquisite!

I love all of these guys! My husband gave me a similar bouquet ring for our anniversary this year, and I just adore it!  Now I just need to convince him to get me the others stacked on top ;-)

If you have the chance to go see Ana and her amazing things, you won’t regret it.  Go grab lunch with a friend on the downtown mall and then go try on some pretties at her shop–you can thank me later! And for those of you who are just too busy to make it downtown, you can check her out online here.
Thank you Ana for allowing me to capture your stunning work!  xo Andrea
  love what you do and do what you love March 12, 2013   

More of what kept me so busy this past fall!  I loved working with every single one of these families!  Enjoy!  xo andrea


  Adoption Project: The Coles March 7, 2013   

So this was my very first Adoption Session!  I was super excited to do work with this family, as we have known them since we first moved to Charlottesville, and have had the pleasure of watching them adopt their sweet little angel, Georgia.  If you are unfamiliar with “The Adoption Project”, you can read more about it here.  I have asked this family to share just a little bit about their journey and here is what they had to say:

“It seems that Georgia was always meant to be a part of our family. She was certainly worth the almost five year wait. Her birth mother’s wish was that she would one day be adopted by an American home.. Our whole family had the opportunity to experience a rich cultural education traveling together in China. We are so grateful for the gift of Georgia’s life and how she has blessed our family forever.”– Chuck, Robin, Kendall, Trent and Georgia Cole

This first image just warms my heart!  What beautiful light we had behind them–love the late winter light.  It can be tricky, but magical when you use it right!


This is sweet little Georgia!  Oh, she was SO fun to work with!  So full of life and spunk!  I loved seeing her laugh and giggle. We had so much fun swinging and playing.


Georgia has a very handsome older brother:

And beautiful older sister.  Who were both a true pleasure to work with as well!


Mom getting some love.  Love this–says so much!  Look at the smile on mom’s face.



Georgia played dress up for me!


Their puppy Gus got in for a shot–what a little model!



It was a cold ,windy day, so they were cuddling to stay warm.  Cuddles always make for great shots :)

Thank you guys for allowing me to capture your beautiful family!  It was an honor and a pleasure.  I had a great time, and truly hope that you treasure these images forever!  xoxo andrea


  Rock Paper Scissors March 4, 2013   


Love me some Rock Paper Scissors.  I mean, I could literally spend hours in their fun little shop.  They truly have something for just about everyone–and every occasion.  It’s not at all impossible to in there and pick up something for just about anyone you knows:  kids, teachers, husbands, wives, friends, neighbors, boyfriends, girlfriends…and of course a little something for you too!  You know you deserve it!

This sign made me smile when I saw it…hmmmm, maybe cause it is a written note.  

Anyhow, as you will see as you scroll down, this little shop is a delight!  Not only fun to shop in, but, very visually simulating for us visual types.  I absolutely LOVE the scissors in the center photo below.  Might have to make a trip back…


Even the outside is adorably delicious!

One thing I truly love about this place is their fantastic front window.  I can always be assured when I am downtown, that when I pass their shop there will be some amazing set up.  They never fail to amaze.  This one is a garden party theme.  I want this little set up in my back yard.  Note the swings for seats–how whimsical!


Check out the phone.  Gotta love vintage.  I mean, we could all use a little bit more vintage in our fast paced lives.  And the straws–fun, fun–perfect for a party or to spice up a back yard bbq.


Just love all these details.  Maybe that’s why I love this store so much, because it’s full of details.


And, if you ever were looking for some fun wrapping paper, they pretty much have anything you could want.  I love to wrap gifts and make the gift wrap just as much fun as what’s inside.

Tons of colorful stationary and custom design!  Great place for custom wedding invites,  unique holiday cards, or just some fun personalized stationary.

They definitely have inspired me!


Dani and Heather are the owners/masterminds behind Rock Paper Scissors--Super sweet and creative!  They were so gracious to let me come and capture some of the details of their store.  Pleas e make sure to  visit their amazing store.  You won’t be disappointed!