summer girl June 28, 2012   

Loved my time with this sweet little peanut!  She kept me busy, as you will see, we stayed busy with many different activities.  This was good, because I hadn’t exercised yet, so I didn’t mind all the running around we did ;-)

Look at that beautiful face!

Mom and dad both ended up running through the sprinkler.  I love it when people let loose and have fun.  It always makes for the best photos!

Nibbling on ice cream!

On of my faves.  Her eyes are such a beautiful color.

Contemplating a run through the sprinkler…

Pleaying shy.  Love it!


Thanks guys it was so much fun!!  xo andrea

  our family photos June 22, 2012   

So…I typically am not a very wordy person on here.  I am always jealous of those poetic bloggers who have so much to say and say it so well!  I guess I prefer to let my photos speak instead of me because I think they do a much better job!  However, since this is a pretty personal post, I do have a lot to say–so hunker down!

Rewind to when I very first started my business 6-7 years ago, and I was voraciously devouring blog after blog trying to get ideas, tips…anything, I stumbled across Tara Whitney, a very honest, fun, warm photographer.  I fell in love with her unique perspective and her desire to be different!  I’ve followed her work for years and always said it was one of my goals to have a family shoot with her.  Now, the problem was…she is in California! So, I waited, and waited…and waited.  Being  photographer I have LOTS of great shots of my kids, beautiful, fun shots up on my walls, BUT none of me with them.  Quite honestly, there have been several times I have teared up while editing others photos because I have loved a moment I had captured between a mom and her child–and I just didn’t have that.  I made me sad.  No maternity photos, no newborn photos, not many photos with me in them at all.

Then, there was the weight issue.  Since I’ve started my business (on top of having my 2nd child) I have never been able to be where I wanted to be weight-wise.  I mean, instead of going down, the scale went up, and up–I had been sitting behind the computer so much and not exercising, and kinda forgot to take care of me.  I was unhappy with myself and really didn’t want to be reminded of who I was at the moment.  I avoided this topic with myself and others because it was so painful for me to recognize and accept.  But, not any more!  Here I am telling the world about it on my blog!

Basically, I was so busy trying to be a good mom, be successful and homeschool and provide for my family and learn all that I could about the world of photography that, well, there just was never the time for photos–or exercise for that matter–or taking care of me.

This year, my AMAZING, SWEET, WONDERFUL husband gave me a shoot with Tara Whitney for Christmas this year!  TARA WHITNEY!!!  I was blown away!  Not only a shoot, but we were going to plan a whole vacation around our shoot–a road trip up the coast.  And boy was it fun!  We LOVED California and we LOVED Tara!  Still need to post our personal pix–maybe I will at some point.  Anyway, I decided to make some changes this year.  I’ve started exercising, and paying more attention to my diet (thank you Lori Musselman for helping me–best trainer in Cville!)  I’ve decided to only take on so much work–and say no a little bit more–which is SO hard for me and something I have to constantly have to work on!  I’ve hired an amazing associate photographer (shout out to Shack!) to help me and grow my business and take a little pressure off of me.  I’ve started trying to take better care of myself–and I love it!  And, I decided there are no more excuses not to have family photos taken!

Am I where I wanna be??  No, I still have more changing to do, more learning to do, more weight I want to lose, more exercising to do (ugh!), but I am happier with who I am right now than I’ve been in a long time.  It’s a journey and I am on my way.

Thank you to Tara Whitney for the amazing photos! We love them!  We had SO much fun taking these photos.  I am inspired and excited to be a better photographer because of you!  Here is a little peek our our family photos.  Enjoy!!


  Yellow Sneakers June 20, 2012   

Truly enjoyed working with this handsome guy!  We jumped around downtown and got some great shots–as well as some nice shots with his pup back at his house.  Really fun!  Seniors, it’s worth making the time to do a fun senior shoot with us!!  Take a peek to see what we got:

One of his awesome shots!  Very cool!

Sweet puppy!  

LOVED his yellow sneakers!

A fave of mine!

Thanks Andrew, so such a fun shoot!  Enjoy your senior year!!  xo andrea

  wagon rides and baby dolls! June 15, 2012   


This shoot really reminds me of summer time!  The only addition that would have made it seem more like summer to me is a big ripe watermelon!  Seriously, such a fun time chasing these kids around their beautiful property with their gorgeous farm house as the backdrop!  Enjoy this little taste of summer–it’ll be gone before we know it!

Thanks to this sweet, adorable family for such a fun day!  You are beautiful!  xo andrea


  a boy and his dog June 11, 2012   

Another fun Monticello Trail shoot!  This is a popular location this year!  This time I got to work with the family and their adorable and very sweet pup Bella.  If you didn’t already know it, I LOVE working with dogs too!  And this little guy loves his puppy!  He was so sweet with her!  He and his beautiful, kind parents were such a joy to work with!  It’s always very active and energetic when I work with a 1 year old.  The parents have to help a lot to get great shots and fun expressions!  They did a great job, and and we got some fantastic shots!  Btw, this kid’s hair was the bomb!


Thanks to Bella and fam for such a fun shoot!  Loved meeting you and loved working with you!  xo andrea


  we all scream for ice cream June 8, 2012   

Yes, we ate ice cream for this shoot!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any cuz I needed both hands to shoot!  Plus I was having way too much fun photographing these guys eating it!  Aren’t they adorable?!  This first shot cracks me up!

Mom and dad are going to be in serious trouble when this one grows up.  STUNNINGLY beautiful!

Mama love!

So cute!  Love his little expression!

Some one REALLY liked his ice cream!

A little twirling…

Another fun shoot!  Such beautiful kiddos!  I love my job!  Thanks to this beautiful family for hanging out with me for the afternoon!  xo Andrea


  simply beautiful June 6, 2012   

I love capturing this beautiful time in life!  There is nothing more beautiful to me than a woman carrying a little one inside her and a fresh little squishy baby!  Due to the time constraints, we shot these within 2 weeks of each other.  Little miss decide to come a little early!  Mom and dad recently moved from Costa Rica–so happy they found me!  Enjoy these beautiful pix of these beautiful people!



Your little angel is perfect!  Congrats!  xo andrea and shack

  playing with daisies    

This is my fifth time working with this family!!!  Wow, time does fly.  The first time this little one was only a few days old, and now look at her!  That full head of curly hair drives me wild!  She’s so much fun!  We met up at Monticello Trail for some fun photos!  Check it out:

It was a lovely (hot) day, and I enjoyed seeing these guys so much.  I love it when clients become friends–which seems to happen often!  Thanks for letting me capture your family-you are beautiful.  xo Andrea

  boys being boys June 4, 2012   

I couldn’t get enough of these two!  These little guys were adorable!  It was such a great time capturing boys being boys with lots of bike riding, running , and wrestling.  We had lots of good laughs and I personally loved all the snuggles I got from the youngest!


Sweetest moment ever.  

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this family!



  sweet sisters June 2, 2012   

This family has a sweet spot in my heart so it was such a great time capturing these moments with them.  The girls have such unique personalities!  We spent the evening giggling, tickling, spinning, climbing trees, and having staring contests.  I think these images truly capture their sisterly bond!

Sisters secrets are the best!

You can’t help but  smile when you are hula hooping!  


Fleeting moments.

Thank you guys so much for being so much fun and allowing me the opportunity to play with you guys!