charlottesville baby shoot! November 28, 2011   

Yes, sometimes I do get to work with angels!  If you don’t believe me, take a look below.  I’m not sure who adored this little one the most–me or my camera!

The weather was terrible on this day, but because these guys were visiting from far away, we had to go for it!  And somehow it worked out!  Absolutely dreamy!

Her little curls were perfect!!

Love this.  Leaves me wishing I had this shot with my kids when they were babies.

And another fave.  Look at that expression!

And these adorable booties deserved a shot of their own.  So cute!

Beautiful family shot!

And a couple of just mom and dad.  Such a sweet couple!

Thanks guys for hanging with me even in the midst of raindrops and the super thick clouds!  I hope you found it worth it.  Safe travels home.  xo andrea

  Nova farm shoot…take 1 November 17, 2011   

Well…this shoot didn’t go as we had expected.  We had adorable subjects and a beautiful setting, but, these two little guys (identical twins) did not seem to be feeling well.  We did seem to get a few shots, but decided to reschedule.  Mom did let me know that the boys did end up sick once they got home–so we made a good call!  Stay tuned for more later.  Meanwhile here are some we got:

Luckily, big sis did not mind having the attention on her.  We got some great shots of this little beauty!

Looking forward capturing more great shots soon!  xo andrea

  charlottesville newborn shoot    

What a fun shoot!  So easy! Little miss barely made a peep the whole time!!  She was a perfect little peanut.  Love this first shot of mom, dad and baby…can you feel the love?

This was cool.  The shot below is mom with baby wrapped in mom’s own baby blanket from when she was a baby herself, and…

in this shot baby is wrapped in dad’s baby blanket!

Sweet kisses from big brother.

What a cute family!

Baby girl being adored by mom and dad.

And, now a few of just little miss.  Mom and dad were so cool to let me try this shot!  Love this!

Such a little sweetie!  Enjoy your little angel.  She is precious!  xo Andrea

  alexandria fall family shoot November 16, 2011   

I always enjoy working with these folks–I can’t even keep track of how many times it has been.  I love seeing their boys grow each time–and capturing these wonderful stages for them.  The leaves were just perfect they day of our shoot–thank you mother nature for helping us out!  Here’s a few from their shoot:

Had so much fun! Thanks y’all for making it a great day/shoot!  xo Andrea

  clifton inn shoot charlottesville va November 12, 2011   

I truly enjoyed my time with this sweet family!  We had so much fun!  We shot at the beautiful Clifton Inn .  The leaves were perfect and the subjects fantastic!

This little one loved his airplane–maybe because daddy is getting his pilot’s license.  How cool is that!  I think our next shoot needs to be up in an airplane! ;-)

Singing a song!

Playing a little football!

So fun!  Thanks guys, I had a blast!  xoAndrea

  charlottesville twin shoot November 11, 2011   

This was fun!  These guys kept me laughing and moving the whole time!  I actually worked with this family when the twins were just babies…my how they have grown!  Such cuties!

Beautiful family shot!

Silly boys!

Really love this shot.

We played super heros!  Don’t worry…they saved the day!

A fun shot with their super cool mom.

And, a little fun with sidewalk chalk!

It was an absolute pleasure!  Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!  xo A

  charlottesville newborn shoot November 10, 2011   

Man, I love my job!

This little guy stole my heart!  Oh my he was absolutely stunning!  No surprise, since his mom and dad are too!  AND the other really exciting this about this shoot is that I had worked with his parents before they were even married!  Yep, did their engagement photos, wedding photos, maternity photos and now newborn photos–how fun is that?!   You have to take a peek at this little ones photos–such a cutie!

Such a sweet beautiful family!  Kelly and Jeff…thank you for trusting me to capture so many special moments in your life.  Your little blessing is simply beautiful!  xo andrea

  virginia coast shoot    

I’ve been meaning to get this post up on my blog for a while–things have been soooooo crazy and busy for me.  The blog is getting harder and harder to keep up with!

I got to travel to the coast to work with this fantastic family!  This was actually our third time working together.  So fun watching this little guy grow!  Check out what we captured:

He is such a cutie!  Mom and dad are in trouble when he gets older–those eyes and lips are to die for!

Awww!  So sweet!

Like father, like son–love this!

And one of my personal faves.  Love this shot so much!

It was so very wonderful seeing you all again.  Your family is as beautiful and charming as ever!  Thank you!  xo andrea

  charlottesville uva shoot November 7, 2011   

This little angel made my job so easy!  She was so sweet and smily! We had some fun just wandering around UVA grounds and got some great shots! Here’s a peek of what we got:

Thanks to this wonderful family!  I had so much fun playing with your sweet girl! xo andrea

  charlottesville: farmington country club shoot    

We had a fantastic day together!  The weather was perfect and of course I had beautiful subjects!  This was actually my 4th time working with this family this year!  I’ve had the pleasure of watching little man grow from almost day one!  So fun!  Take a look at what we got:

It was wonderful working with you all again!  Hope your love your sneak peek!  xo andrea