Northern Virginia Shoot October 30, 2011   

This was my fourth time shooting this beautiful family!  Wow!!!  That is sooo hard to believe!  I truly love watching my client’s families grow and expand.  It’s always a bitter sweet time to see the little ones growing up and changing year after year!

Anyway, we had a fun time–as usual!  Such a fun family to work with!

Once again, it was a pleasure you all!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!  xo Andrea

  Monticello/Carter’s Mountain Shoot    

If it isn’t obvious by this photo, these siblings got along REALLY well!!  They were so sweet to eachother!  I just loved it!  And, they happened to be super cute!  Take a look for yourself!

What a lovely family! was such a pleasure working with you all!  Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!  xo andrea

  Belle Isle, Richmond shoot October 29, 2011   

This family was soooo patient.  Our shoots had been rescheduled twice and then rained out in the midst of our shoot.  We finally got a fantastic fall day with beautiful weather!  Belle Isle was a wonderful place to shoot–so much texture and lots of wonderful backdrops!

Loved these little guys to pieces–so cute and full of personality!  Enjoy your peek!

Had a great time with y’all!  Thanks for hanging in there!  Have fun trick or treating with your little cuties!

xo andrea

  little fella October 28, 2011   

This was my second time working with this cute little guy!  The first time he was just itty bitty!  He sure has grown since our last shoot–and is as cute as ever!

We started out at Monticello Trail and then headed up to Carter’s Mountain for some beautiful fall shots.  Here’s your sneak peek:

It was such a pleasure working with you all again!  Loving seeing your cute little one grow!  Happy fall!

xo andrea

  a breathe of fresh air.    

Such a fun day with this fantastic family!  The weather was perfect.  And I had three adorable little subjects.  Take a look at these gorgeous, sweet girlies:

Sisters are so much fun!  Love this!

Beautiful family.  I loved capturing their closeness and love for eachother.

Love these next two shots–two of my faves from the shoot. to this wonderful family for a fun day.  I had a blast playing with your beautiful girls!  xo andrea

  maternal beauty October 9, 2011   

Had a wonderful time with these guys!  Loved capturing their love and their bump.  We had amazing light, beautiful subjects and fantastic settings…thanks Carter’s Mountain and Clifton Inn.  You’ll be seeing more of these guys in a few weeks when Shack and I capture their sweet new addition.  Enjoy!

Thanks y’all for making my job so easy!  xo Andrea

  fun at carter’s mountain! October 6, 2011   

I truly enjoyed my time with this wonderful family.  Their kids were so fun!  We started at Monticello Trail and ended at Carter’s Mountain.  Thank you Carter’s Mountain for letting us borrow your beautiful scenery and delicious apples!  Take a look–hope you enjoy guys!

  beautiful… October 5, 2011   

Short on time… LOVE, love LOVE working with this fantastic family!  Enjoy your sneak peek guys!

  tea for two (twins!) October 4, 2011   

Yes, indeed! We had a tea party!  I don’t know about you, but, when I was little if I got to do something like this, I would have been in heaven!


These girlies mom won a contest on facebook a while back.  And, she won this free styled shoot–plus all of the digital images!  I don’t do contests very often on my blog or facebook, but when I do, I do them BIG!!  I love what we came up with.  So sweet and beautiful and natural!

Look at these two cuties…

They were sooo patient and waited like perfect little ladies to dig in!

One last one.  This was just an idea I’ve had for a while, glad I got to finally make it come to life!  Just love it!

This was truly so much fun.  Congrats Christina on winning…I hope you love the results!  xo Andrea