so long barkley :( September 19, 2011   

In my previous post I mentioned something about having to say good bye to our sweet boy Barkley.  Over 3 weeks ago Barkley got spooked during a thunderstorm and ran off. He has ran off before, but has always come home after a few hours.  After he hadn’t come home with in his normal time frame, I had a strong suspision he was not coming home.  We have not seen him since.  We believe his heart or body may have given out as he was rapidly declining and aging.  We have searched, ran ads on Craig’s list, posted on facebook, posted at the SPCA, and hung signs locally.

He was 13.5 and we knew he was coming to the end of his life, but, I figured we’d get to say goodbye.  I didn’t see this happening. It was a shock.   Barkley has been with us since before we had children.  He really was our first baby.  He had live in Asheville, Charleston, Charlotte and Charlottesville.  We took him everywhere, and he made friends with everyone he met.  I loved him tremendously.  Anyone who has had a special pet knows the sense of sadness and loss I feel right now.  He was the best dog ever.

I wanted to post a few pix to commemorate my time with Barkley.  These are just a few of my faves.  Unfortunately, I do not have any of digital images of him when he was a puppy.  So these are from the last few years.

Good by B.  xo

  life lately… September 14, 2011   

Well, it’s been a busy, BUSY summer!

I thought, if for no one else but myself, I’d document what’s gone on in our lives these past few months.

The summer started out with a bang–we enjoyed a fabulous cruise!  Our port of call left out of San Juan and we traveled to Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Croix and St. Kitt.  The kids loved every second of it!  Unfortunately, I did not take ANY pix!  It was soooo hot and lugging my camera bag around was just too risky and sweaty.  So, I decided to rely on the ship photographers to capture our time–so, I guess you could say it was a true vacation!

We also have had some tough times this summer as we’ve dealt with some illness of loved ones.  And losing our sweet family dog, Barkley.  This was extremely hard.  More on this later.

The latter half of the summer we headed to the beach.  It’s sort of a tradition for me to photograph my kids at the beach–maybe cuz it’s the only time I have to do so!  So below are a few of my favorite shots.  I could really see this year in the pix how much my kids have changed and grown…bittersweet.

E had some wild beach hair!

One of my faves.  Will most def be framed and hung in the house.

And my other faves.  Love this one so much.

So, Irene chased us home from the beach.

And then it was time for Emma’s birthday.  This was a big one–THIRTEEN!!  Wow, where has the time gone? I seriously cannot believe I have a teenager!  Time has seriously flown by!

She requested a southern strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.  It was tasty!  I absolutely LOVE making my kids birthday cakes–I love the challenge of trying something new and making some thing beautiful and delicious for them!  I plan to do it as long as they’ll let me!  They seem to love it too!

Her dad sent her flowers since he was gone on her birthday.  So sweet.  Btw, he is STILL gone (going on 3 weeks) and will hopefully be home on Friday!!!  Man, do I have respect for single parents!  All of you single and military parents–my hat is off to you–it’s not easy!

Emma really wanted a limo ride.  So, that’s what we did!  They all hopped in the big white limo and headed to Martin’s for some yummy burgers!  I think the people at Martin’s thought we were crazy!

And finally school has started–yes we homeschool, but I still like to document it and make a big deal!  Cannot believe I have an 8th and 3rd grader!!

Welp, that is all I have to share for now.  Hopefully I’ll have more to share soon–maybe it’ll be sooner than a year when I post new photos of my own family!  Well see…  xo Andrea

  guess who has a new baby brother and baby sister??    

Yep, she does!  This little cutie has two new babies to love and play with!

Aren’t they cute?!

And, mom and dad are in love too!  So sweet!

And a few more of beautiful big sis!  Look at those eyes!

Thanks for visiting!  xo Andrea

  mr. cheeks September 13, 2011   

Had another minishoot with this little guy today.  He just gets cuter every three months!  We’re at 6 months right now  and I get to see him again at 9 and 12 too!  He actually reminds me a lot of my son when he was a baby–rolls everywhere and cheeks for days and beautiful eyes!  So cute!  Love how these came out!

Until tomorrow… xo Andrea

  my niece September 8, 2011   

It’s sort of become a tradition!  Every year since she was a new born baby, I have photographed my niece.  I have watched her grow up through my photographs.  Each year she gets a little more fun–her personality blooms and grows and of course her beauty seems to multiply with each year as well.  It’s really cool to see not only how she changes and grows on the outside, but the inside as well. She is simply beautiful.  I had so much fun working with my brother and his family this year and I love what we were able to capture–take a look:

We did a few more formal shots–just for fun.  Really love the simplicity of these.

Then we headed to the Clifton Inn for some more shots.  Thank you Clifton for allowing us to use your beautiful grounds.  Btw, I had their sticky toffee pudding for the first time this weekend–AMAZING!!

Renee, my sis in law, is barnone the best when it comes to picking out clothes for Sloane–we had quite the selection.  I loved it!  Such a pretty shot.

Beautiful family shot.

Some fun in the grass.

A sweet moment.

Fantastic.  Simply love this.

Another great moment.  Love the colors and the light in these!

Look at her hair!!  You can tell she was running hard!  So playful!

This was a Sloane original.  So funny.  I had to get a shot.  She looks like a little Christmas gift!

We also “borrowed” someone’s field for a few–whoever you are…Thank you!


and, lastly…hands.  So special!

Guys I had a great time with you.  Already looking forward to next year’s shoot!  xo Andrea

  kelly’s baby bump September 7, 2011   

I had the honor of working with Kelly and Jeff–capturing their sweet little baby bump.  This wasn’t the first time I ‘d had the pleasure of working with them…I’ve captured their engagement, their wedding, special family pix and now maternity–and in a few short weeks I’ll be back with some beautiful baby photos to share as well!

Love this first shot of Kelly.  It’s so serene and beautiful!

Very recently Kelly suffered a very sad loss of someone extremely special:  her dad.  My heart broke when I heard this news.  I had had the privilege of working with Rick a few times.  He was a handsome, strong, funny man.  I could immediately tell how much Kelly loved him and how much he LOVED his little girl.  It was a pleasure to see such a sweet, close family.  Cindy, Kelly and Jeff…there are no words to tell you how sorry and saddened I am about your loss.  Rick was an amazing man.  I am truly thankful to have had the chance to meet him.

Below is a shot of Kelly and Rick from our last shoot together.  Beautiful

Kelly wanted to honor her dad in some of these shots.  Love this moustache idea!

A special necklace they shared.

And a beautiful shot of her wearing the necklace.  So pretty.

Sweet feet.

Little man already has an outfit with his name on it!


Due date!

Shot this with my new lens.  I am in love!  And, thank you mr. ducky for making this shot even more perfect!

Beautiful Kelly.

A couple shots with Cindy, Kelly’s mom…

Words can’t express how much I love this shot.

One last one.  A special sweet quiet moment between these two.

Kelly and Jeff it was so much fun!  I can’t wait to meet your sweet little guy!  xo Andrea