baby reed August 19, 2011   

*These photos were edited and blogged on a new computer–so colors may be off*

Loved working with this little guy.  He was so cooperative and absolutely beautiful!  There is something about his little mouth that is just so sweet!

Mr. Smiley!

A few artistic shots.  Thank you Shack for your help and support on this!

In his great grandpa’s baby cradle.  So special!

A shot with beautiful mama…

Love these next two:

Such a sweet shot with daddy.

And another with mom.

And, we even got a shot with big brother!  What a handsome little fella–look at those beautiful eyes!

In daddy’s arms.

Look at those cheeks!

A special shot with great grandma’s hands.

Big brother and little brother feet!

One sweet happy family!

Congrats guys!  He is GORGEOUS!  xo andrea

  baby posing 101 August 10, 2011   

Working on some new posing techniques!  We “borrowed” this little guy to practice our newborn poses and sharpen up on some skills.  Looking forward to adding more “artsy” and unique to our newborn photos!  I must give a shout out to my friend Shack for her help in this little venture!  Enjoy!

  sweet as pie! August 9, 2011   

Loooved working with these folks!  It was very HOT day–which is no big surprise around here–but to photograph in this heat is tough on me and the clients.  But, these guys were champs!  Such a cute family!

And this little guy was most definitely as sweet as pie and as cute as they come!  What a priceless expression!

His daddy is a farrier–meaning a person who makes horseshoes.  So how fitting are these next two pix!

Some sweet shots with mom and dad…

We did a lot of swinging and bouncing…


Can’t forget this sweet thing.  So precious and EXTREMELY well behaved!!  She minded all of her p’s and q’s while at The Clifton Inn!

A few of my faves from the shoot…


Hello chub-a-licious feet!!!!

And my personal favorite.  This little guy had just begun walking and I loved how he used his high, wide steps and how he used his arms for balance.  This will soon be just a memory! Glad we captured it!

Thanks for bearing the heat with me y’all!  So great to meet and work with you!  xo andrea

  let the baby season begin! August 8, 2011   

Yes this is the month of the baby!!  I cannot believe how many babies/maternity I get to photography in Aug/Sept!  I am excited and eagerly anticipating each one of their births!

We get to start out with this sweet little one.  She is so delicious I can hardly stand it!  Absolutely beautiful with a full head of hair!  Take a look at this cutie:


Some sweet shots with mom and dad…

And her ADORABLE big bro…

A few more cuddle shots…

So, so sweet!  Loved working with her and her beautiful family!  Thanks for a great shoot y’all!  xo andrea