mr. charming… April 28, 2011   

Yes, this little guy was absolutely charming and adorable!  Such a beautiful, sweet family!  The light was perfect–great location and wonderful subjects made for a great shoot.  Check it out:

Mom’s fabulous necklace doubled as a teether–perfect!


Sweet shot with dad.  Look at those amazing eyes!

Love this–so pretty and classic!

Do they come any cuter??? Nope!

My personal fave from the shoot.  These are the shots that I strive for!

More kisses.  He was a pretty kissable guy!

And, he didn’t seem to mind!

And another personal fave.  Look at those chubbo feet!

Ellen,  I can’t thank you enough for the difference you’ve made in my baby’s life!  I appreciate all you’ve done and am so glad I got to capture you and your sweet family before the move.  We will miss you!  xx andrea

  did you hear???? April 26, 2011   

Scout is out!!!  Yes, volume 3 is ready!  You can also check it out online here.  Enjoy!  I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend–I’ll be back blogging/shooting next week.  Until then…


  beautiful stationary April 20, 2011   

If you are in need of stunning stationary–Christmas cards, baby announcements, wedding invitations, or logo design or branding, be sure to get in touch with Erika Jack.  She. is. fabulous.  I’ve so enjoyed working with her on the scout guide (volume 3 came out last week!!)  Her work speaks for itself, so I will let it.  Enjoy!

  a beautiful spring day…finally! April 18, 2011   

Loved working with this adorable kiddos!  They kept me busy–and we got some great shots!  Look at this sweet little peanut — yes, she was as sweet as she looks!   After the terrible weather we had this weekend, I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to shoot–but, yesterday turned out to be beautiful!!

And her absolutely adorable older brother was so fun!

Just beautiful.

PPeek a boo!!

Look at the fantastic light we found.  So pretty!

Not sure there are many things cuter than a baby in a ruffle diaper cover.

A rare, treasured moment.  These are tough ages to capture together, so, I am happy to have this to share.  Such cute little chickies!

Fun with a super cape!

Love these little bridge shots!

And this little expression cracks me up!

So glad the weather cooperated!  Thanks for a fun shoot!  xx andrea

  guess who’s a big brother??    

That’s right!  This little man welcomed a new brother into the world!  Look at those beautiful eyes!

And he’s not the only one with beautiful eyes!  Helloooo gerber baby!

Only a baby can make a double chin look cute–he knows how to work those chins!

And some snuggle shots with beautiful mama.

This is my favorite!  I love the peace and beauty in this shot.  So pretty.

We snuck away for a bit to play outside.  We practiced blowing bubbles…

And success!!!

A little help from mom helps too!

Once again, it way a joy working with you guys!  See you in 6 months!  xx andrea

  sweet girls with curls and their adorable little brother April 15, 2011   

Loved working with this family!  I haven’t worked with these sweet girls since they were just little babies, so it was fun to see how much they’ve grown!  I am looking forward to working with them again this fall–mom won a styled shoot contest on facebook–can’t wait to see what we create!

We started out at Mt. Vernon–Mr. George Washington’s house!  So fun, I’ve never done a shoot there before.  Thankfully the weather cooperated–and the kiddos were all amazing!!

Mr. Blue eyes!

Loved these fabulous chairs!

Such a sweet moment!

Love this fun shot!  Glad we were able to get the house in the background!

After George’s house, we headed to the park.  And played!  Had some fun with bubbles!!

And laughed!

And had lollipops!

Do you think he was trying to tell me something??  Ha ha!

And we read some books with daddy.

Aren’t her little toe nails the cutest?!

Had so much fun with you all!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  xx andrea

  beautiful boys    

Hellooooo world!  Wow, it’s been a while!  I know people have been waiting to see their pix on the blog–but life has not let me post much lately.  I’ve been sick and then sick again, traveling and then traveling some more and working, working, working!  But, I am feeling better now and have so much to post, so stay tuned!

I enjoyed working with this family for this little guy’s 6 month session.  My how he has grown–lots of cuteness and rolls to capture!

Check out those beautiful blue eyes.

A sweet moment with big brother.

A fun little capture with mom.

Love the barn behind their house.  Thanks to the wonderfully sweet farmer for letting us “borrow” his cool barn for a few shots.

Little man in his bed.  Loving the expression!

I adore this next shot.  So sweet!

This little man was not feeling too well, but, was such a good sport!  He is truly such a little sweetheart!  I hope you are feeling better little guy!

So cute!

A fun shot with dad!

And a sweet cuddle shot with mom.

Once again it was a pleasure working with you all!  I look forward to doing it all over again in 6 months!

I’ll be back with more to share soon!  Enjoy your day!  xx andrea