caution: this might make you want another baby! March 23, 2011   

Seriously!!  Turn back now if adorable squishy babies make your heart melt and your womb beg for another baby!  Isn’t her just delicious!?!

Look at those squishy cheeks!

He is soooo loved…

And, a few family shots on the bed.  We had about a moment before things go crazy, thankful we got this!

There is a baby in there somewhere…

More baby love.

And a little craziness!


This family is so very special!  I truly loved hanging out with them and capturing their love for each other!

  us! March 21, 2011   

A few pix from our hike the other day.  Yes…our kitty even follows along!

  FREE minisession March 17, 2011   

So spring is in the air and I’m feeling the need to celebrate!  And I think the best way to celebrate the arrival of this glorious season is to give something away! How about a free minisession and all of the edited digital files?

But, this won’t be just any mini session, I want it to be something different and more creative than I’ve ever done–I want YOU to help me decide what to do using your kiddos–or you–as my models!!  This is going to be so much fun!

So, here’s how it’ll work: On my facebook fan page under my post about this contest tell me your idea–give me a brief description of what you’d like me to create for you–think magazines/catalogs (what have you seen paging through Boden or Crewcuts that you’d like to replicate?)–think fun or vintage or sweet–Or simply think of what your little one loves–ballerinas, firemen, candy shop, etc…or a shoot you’ve always envisioned for yourself, but haven’t had the means to pull it off–the sky’s the limit–honestly, be creative!  This would also be a fun thing to do for a teen–think vintage dresses or balloons! If you need some other ideas you can check our this pagethis one , this one or this one to get some ideas.  Then get as many likes on your facebook comment/idea as you can–get your friends, family, coworkers, friends of friends…mailman to vote for your idea!  The comment with the most likes at the end of the contest is the winner!

The winner will get a commercial style photoshoot styled by me and all of the edited digital files!  This contest is open to all ages–however no more than two subjects–so either a couple, or two siblings, or mother and child, etc.  Anyone can participate as long as you are willing to come to Charlottesville for the shoot.  Shoot will take place in May 2011.

Contest begins…now.  And, it ends Monday March 21 @ 10 pm est.  Can’t wait to see what creative ideas you’ve got for me!

xx andrea

  a beautiful, early spring day… March 16, 2011   

Loooooved my time with this family.  This was our third time working together, so it was more like working with old friends!  Dad brought this cool hat, and we had a little fun with it!  What a great Christmas card this would make!

A fun, lively family shot!  I love the reality of this!

Litttle cutie pie.

Absolute sweetheart.

Very handsome…

And a great shot of a beautiful couple!  Everyone should have something like this on their bedroom dresser or nightstand!

There was a little rough housing going on…

and cuddling…

and hugging.

It was a great day with beautiful weather.  A wonderful way to start of the BUSY season!!

Seriously, call me soon if you are wanting pics this year.  Several months are full and a few are close!

xx andrea

  maternity and newborn shoot! March 3, 2011   

It’s been busy around here!  As the days get longer and warmer, people have photographs on their mind, and things are picking up fast!  Aside from several new Scout spreads (yay!), I’ve also been doing regular shoots.  Here are two recent shoots:

First up, a beautiful maternity shoot.  So, so pretty, loved the light.  Just love the softness of this shot.

A beautiful silohette.

Love this!  Look at her cute belly button!  The wind picked up right as I shot this, love how it’s playing just a bit with her hair.

And, I’ve been walking in this area a lot lately and have been salivating about shooting in this spot–just fantastic!

Belly shot!

Then I got to work with this little peanut.  So sweet!

Such a pretty little one.

Love little baby heads and hands and feet and…

One with beautiful mom.  Look at the eye contact!  Love it!

And can’t forget one with daddy and his girl.  Such a sweet shot.

Off to take more photos!  Will share soon.

xx andrea

  room update #3 March 2, 2011   

Well, we’ve been working hard in the few spare moments that I’ve had–between work, sick kids and the busyness of life, there hasn’t been much!  We have managed to get a lot done, but still have more to do.  Please forgive the photography, as I am more focused on showing the room than having perfect photos for this project. So this shot gives you a bit of perspective on what we’ve been working on…

To see what the progress we’ve made click here and here.

One of my first priorities, aside from getting organized, was to get a study area set up.  I’ve had this little table sitting in the garage forever, so Emma chose a lime green and we fixed this puppy up nice and pretty! The chair we picked up at Ikea as well as the orange magnetic board.  Love how this turned out!

A better shot of the magnetic board.  We also spray painted the paper holder with our favorite blue spray paint.  I am absolutely amazed with spray paint these days!  In just a matter of minutes and a few bucks you can create something totally new…so fun!

Sharks teeth we’ve found–spray painted the black frame to match.

Knew knobs…yes, spray paint.

I picked these frames up at Pier one–they were white when I bought them but not anymore!  One of our goals this week is to pick out special photos for these frames as well as some others.  We are also going to be picking up a vanity that has been in storage– hence the words “vanity here.” We are thinking of painting it a nice bright orange.

Some hooks I’ve had hanging around the house–we opted for yellow spray paint this time–we wanted some where for here to be able to hang necklaces so they wouldn’t get all tangled up.

A few odds and ends I’ve picked up along the way….

Shiny piggy bank!  We found this little fella at Old Navy!

Cute little frame…TJ Max

And these pretty sparkle boxes, TJ Max too!  Can’t wait to figure out where all of these things will go.

I also found some pretty hangers at TJ Max–since her closet area is open I wanted it to look nice and pretty.  These add a nice little touch.

So thats about it for now.  Some of our future projects include:

A cute little white futon with some bright, colorful pillows from Ikea up against this wall.  This will enable her to have a nice lounge area during day, and still give sleeping space.

Emma looooves this tshirt, but it’s just not fitting the growing girl any more, so we are trying to think of a way to incorporated it in here room….stay tuned!

And, yes, more organizing–lots more organizing.

And just cause I love it, another shot of her chalk board.

So that’s all for now.  I will hopefully will be back with more to share in a week or two! 

Take care!  xx andrea