deliciousness February 28, 2011   

This little man was a dream to work with!  As you will see, we got lots of beautiful, squishy baby shots!

And some beautiful ones with mom.  Look at that eye contact!

Love this so much.  When I saw their beautiful light, I knew I wanted to try to incorporate it in some way.  So pretty!

Great shot with daddy.

And we can’t forget big sis!

Love this snuggle shot, definitely one of my faves!

And another favorite.

Another shot of his sweet sister.  Look at those pretty blue eyes!

And, last but not least, some baby toes!  So cute!

Hope you enjoyed.  Things have definitely picked up around here, lots more to share!  Spring/early summer almost completely full–call me SOON if you want a date!

Will be back tomorrow with a room update–it’s looking good!

xx andrea

  give away 3… February 17, 2011   

*****Yesterday’s winner:  Ellen Dunlap!  Congrats!  Hope you enjoy your new bag!  Chalottesville will miss you!

Today’s give away:  A lovely bottle of wine from King Family Vineyards or a Growler filled with some yummy Starr Hill brew–your choice!  How can you win one of these tasty treats??  Well…I want to know why you deserve it?  What has happened this week to merrit you one of these lovely adult beverages?  Tell me your biggest sob story–and no lying–I’m a mom, so I can tell if you’re lying!!  Leave your sad story on my facebook page (link above) or in the comments below.  Winner will be chosen randomly.  Winner must be local–no shipping alcohol and must be 21 or over, of course!

  Give away #2 Elsie Garden’s Charlottesville Bag!!! February 16, 2011   

********winner for Sweet Frog (chosen annonomously by my children) KELLY BLOEM*********

Congrats Kelly!  I’ll get this sent off to you today!  Enjoy that fantastic Sweet Frog!  Let me know how you like it!!

Give away two…this fantastic Charlottesville Bag from Elsie Garden!  Love, love LOVE it…so much, in fact that I had to get one for myself too!  And, a fun little fact: my kids are fighting over this one–thinking it will be a good little gift to get them! What a great way to show how much you love living in this great town–or a great gift for a friend or family member who lives in or loves Cville!  It’s perfect for carrying all of random stuff, or makes a great alternative to the disposable shopping bags!  Just picture yourself at the farmer’s market this summer sporting one of these puppies! 

How do I win this fabulous bag you ask.  Wellll…tell me your favorite thing about Charlottesville!  It can be your favorite outdoor spot, a special little restraunt, a funky little shop, maybe it’s a feeling you get or a person…be creative, the skys the limit!!  Come on, bring it, can’t wait to hear what you have to say!  Winner will be chosen  annomously by my husband and announced tomorrow, with another swell give away!!  Comments can be left below or on my facebook page (you can find the link above.)  Contest closes @ midnight tonight.

  GIVE AWAY# 1 SWEET FROG!! February 15, 2011   

All this week I will be giving away some awesome things from some of my favorite places in Cville!!  Why you ask…to celebrate my new website and blog of course!  Each day there will be something new, and each day there will be a new way to win it!  Today:  a $10 gift certificate to Sweetfrog!

If you haven’t ever been there, then you really must try to win this and go!  It is just so much fun–for kids and icecream (well, actually frozen yogurt) loving adults!!

So, here’s what you have to do, either on my facebook fan page or in the comments below tell me your favorite sweet frog concoction.  If you’ve never been there, tell me your favorite icecream/sundae/blizzard mixture, and don’t be afraid to be CRAZY!!  You have until midnight tonight.  My kids will be picking the winner on this one and we will announce it tomorrow morning, as well as another really cool giveaway!  Oh, and if you don’t think you can use the gift certificate, but have family in Cville or Richmond, do it for them!

So what are you waiting for…go do it…now!!!

P.S.  If you are looking for Emma’s room update, it is on my facebook page–the blog was acting wonky last night, so I had to just put it on facebook.  But, it’s worth checking out, we’ve done some fun stuff this past week!

  so excited!!! February 8, 2011   

I have a neeeeeewwwww website…and blog…and logo!!!!! {insert happy dance!}

 I have had my old site/logo and blog for awhile now and was ready for something new!  I have been very happy with my old website thus far, but, I have changed and transformed into something different.  I was ready to make some changes.  I wanted somthing fresh and clean–and modern, so . . . I did it!  I’ve been anxiously awaiting everything being done so I can share the complete package all at once!  I’d love for you to go check out my new site (  It has been a labor of love for the past month, but I am thrilled with the results! I am still making small edits, so bare with me.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I also wanted to say thank you and send a giant cyber kiss to my husband, George, for all of the hard work he has done to beautify and update my blog!  Thank you so much babe, I love it! 

Lastly, I wanted to share with you a very talented and special someone who created my AMAZING new logo!!  Erika Jack is the BEST!!!  I could not be more thrilled with what she designed for me.  If you are looking for standout, amazing wedding invitations, gorgeous stationary or announcements for any occassion, or a one of a kind branding/logo, she is your girl!  Seriously, she is THE BEST in Charlottesville!  Erika also happens to be the designer for The Scout Guide–yes, all of those beautifully designed ads you see in Scout–done by Erika Jack! 

I wanted my first post on my new blog to be special.  And, I could think of a better way to do that than to feature the images I took of Erika’s sweet, adorable daughter!  Isn’t she delish?!?

LOVE her sweet little coat.  And her boots!!!  And that expression…priceless!

Twirlie girlie!

Playing on her bed!

And learning all about manners!  So cute!  I seriously adored working with this little girl!

And, of course a couple with beautiful mommy and Miles!


Don’t forget to go take a peek at my new site!!!!! 

xo Andrea

  make over monday (barely…yikers!)    

Ok, so the first step is over.  FINALLY!!!  I have I told you lately that I HATE to paint??   And this past week was a tough one–sickness struck as well an a variety of other issues to deal with–so I am thankful to be this far!  I wanted to get some pics up as proof.  The colors stink and the room is not very pretty looking right now, but, I wanted to show you it was done and we have made progress!  The walls are way more bubble gum…pepto bismol pink, if you will–in these TERRIBLE pics they look more peachy.  The light in her room stinks which is one of the many improvements we’ll be making–better, prettier lighting.

Another view:

And now for a few of our projects to be finished by next Monday.  First, we will be painting this little table as a desk.  What color?  Well, you’ll just have to come back and see!\

We’ll be doing something fun with this sexy little number below too.  What do you think it will be?? It’s…a…surprise!

And last, more painting.  We’ll be painting these cute little frames I picked up at Pier One.  I love these!  They are gonna look sooo cool haning on the wall!  Can’t wait.

So, come back and check out all of our little projects and an update next Monday.  I promise I’ll do better about posting–prettier pics and much earlier in the day!

  leg warmers and cheeks February 3, 2011   

I had so much fun with these little sweeties!  Not only are they adorable, but so much fun!  Look at those cheeks!  I am a sucker for fluffy baby cheeks!

 And, big sis.  Adorable and FULL of personanity!  Looooooved her leg warmers, which, by the way, her mom knitted–Go mommy!

 Love this!  4 is one of my favorite ages to photograph–can you see why??

 Look at that bottom lip.  How will mom and dad ever be able to tell her no?  Glad I don’t have to!

 Playing the guitar!  Love her reflection in the guitar.

 One of my faves!

 Lovely back lighting.

 Look at that grin!

 This was so much fun!  Can’t wait to work with them again once they welcome their new little sibling!