2010 year-in-review slideshow! December 27, 2010   

This year has been fantastic in so many ways!! I continue to love what I do more and more and am so thankful for such an amazing opportunity in life!

I’ve put together a little slideshow of all of my portrait sessions from 2010 — it does any of the commercial work I’ve done — only portraiture.

I grew up listening to the song that accompanies the slideshow, as it was, and still is, one of my dad’s favorites. It is very near and dear to my heart and the lyrics are fitting to all! So please take the time to listen to the words! Thanks to all for your kindness, love and support — and holiday cards (I loved getting your beautiful cards in the mail!)

I look forward to seeing many of you in 2011–the calendar is already filling up!!!! Enjoy!

  December 23, 2010   



May your holiday season be filled with joy and your 2011 year many, many blessings!  Merry EVERYTHING from my family to yours!!!


  December 18, 2010   

Loved working with this sweet little newborn!  She was so easy and cooperative!  This was my last shoot of the year and it was a great note to end on!  These top two are some of my faves from the shoot.  We got so many sweet shots of just them being a family and loving their new little addition.  Take a look:















  December 17, 2010   

 So, it all started with this photo below…  A few weeks ago I ordered a few canvases for my house–which is a very rare thing!  I typically don’t have the time to do much more than take photos of my own kids.  Most of my photos of my family don’t make it off of my computer–pretty sad since I am a professional photographer.  I do have my faves that I try to frame, but, no albums, and very few loose prints.  This is something I am trying to change.  So I wanted to show how I displayed these fabulous pieces in my home.  My hope is to get two more to put on top for a grid of 6, but, for loving this for now:


  Anyway, as I was photographing the canvases, I thought I’d snap a few pics of my Christmas decorations and share about some of the traditions we do in our house.  I feel like I’ve been so busy this year that I haven’t had the time to do many personal posts.  Things are finally starting to slow down a bit and I have a little time now and thought I would share!  I love this time of year!  I love to decorate and do fun and festive things. 

This is our manger seen.  We actually inherited it when we bought one of our houses a few years back.  The house was built in 1904 and had the same family in it for all the years until we bought it.  They were overwelmed with all of the stuff in the house and let us have a lot of it when we moved in.  What a surprise it was when I came across this.  It was my FAVORITE find in the huge old antique laden house!  This is the first thing that comes out at Christmas time.  We set it up before anything else.  It is so very important to me that my children know the reason why we celebrate this wonderful season. 




Another tradition we have is framing our holiday card every year.  I pull them out at Christmas time and we can laugh and see how much our kids have grown and changed.  Then, at the end of the season they get boxed up till the next year with a new card in the mix.


For about 5 years I’ve been collecting santa mugs for my kids.  I buy them one each every year.  This way they are all different–but simmilar.  I typically can find them pretty cheap at Target or Pier One–and they LOVE it!  We pull them out at Christmas and sip hot cocoa from them pretty much every night.  They are fun to display and have a vintage feel.  My goal is for them to have a set of 12 different mugs each for them to use with their own children one day.



 I tried something a little different this year with my candle holders–so fun–and pretty cheap!






 Lastly, I tried my hand at wreath making this year too!  It was A LOT of work, but worth it!  I love what I was able to create with some simple greens and berries I found in my yard! 




 We also celebrate a day called St. Nicholas Day.  Which is so much fun!  You can read more about it here: http://www.stnicholascenter.org/Brix?pageID=102   Basically it is a day to celebrate giving and doing for others in secret.  Each year we bake cookies and go out on St. Nicholas Day night and deliver them secretly to unsuspecting friends or neighbors.  Since we live pretty far out in the country, we have to drive all over to peoples homes, so we try to make a night of it.  My kids LOVE it and it gives them an opportunity to do for others–expecting nothing in return!  I don’t have any photos to share for that…maybe next year I’ll snap a few!

So, that’s my holiday season in a nutshell.  It is a fantastic time of year!  I hope you take some time to enjoy the fun, beauty and most importantly your family!




  December 14, 2010   

I LOVE working with these beautiful, sweet kiddos!  This was a surprise for their mom!  I can’t imagine a better suprise than seeing the faces of your adorable children captured and framed!











  December 10, 2010   

Had a great time working with this amazing family!  We actually had to nix our first shoot be cause the little guy was pretty sick.  But, we actually got a few great shots before quitting.  Love the brilliant leaves!




This is where the second shoot picks up.  LOVE this.  Look at those sweet beautiful eyes!


Love this light in this…magical!


So sweet!


Another fave.  What a fun shot!


Hanging with dad.


Love his fur trimmed hood.  It makes fur some fun shots.



Loving his stick!


I love the amazing tree behind them.  Isn’t it fantastic?!


Then we headed back home and played with some chalk in the back yard. 


Love this last shot with daddy.  So cute.


Hope you enjoyed!  Stay warm!

  December 6, 2010   

Had so much fun with this sweet, adorable family!  It was FREEZING outside and they were such troopers!  I wanted to get them up asap for mom and dad to have a sneak peek!  Enjoy!