cathy and ben’s slideshow!!! November 10, 2010   

Once again, thanks to my second shooter Abbie–I couldn’t have done it without you!  Enjoy everyone!!

  November 9, 2010   

I met with this family on a beautiful, chilly fall day in the woods, near a river.  Such a lovely setting!  This family actually dog sat our puppies this past summer while we were on vacation.  And, when I showed up for our shoot, they were hoping I’d brought the dogs!   Not this time, but maybe next time!  Any way, they had three sweet, beautiful children.



And, youngest.

 We also found a beautiful field.  Love the serenity in this:

Sweet shot of mom and dad.  So pretty!

Sisters.  One of my personal faves.

Love this one too!  Isn’t he a cutie!?

The girls:

And, I really love this!  The colors are all so vibrant!

I had a great time with you all!  Thank you for taking such good care of our puppies!  Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!

  November 8, 2010   


I was SO excited to work with this family!  I have always thought it would be so fun to do a session in an apple orchard!  So I was thrilled when they suggested it!  Although we had to hike a bit to actually find any apples–we got some really fun, unique shots!  This is a GREAT idea to all of you families I have worked with a few times, so keep it in mind for your next shoot!  Anyhow, on to the pix…

Love this with with mom…

And a great shot with dad!

Look at those fabulous blue eyes!  Adorable and such a sweet heart!!

We happened upon this old truck–LOVE this!!!

Couldn’t resist getting one with his cute little hat on!  Not sure how mom and dad ever tell that face no!

And we’ll end it with a cuddle with mom!



Got to work with this sweet little peanut in Richmond last week!  Isn’t he sweet.  And, he had a great head of fuzzy black hair!

A sweet family shot:

Sugar from mom.

Family toes!

Love capturing these sweet moments!

They had a fabulous moses basket!!  LOVE it!

There really is nothing more precious than a sweet, cuddley sleeping baby.

And…more kisses!

I had such a wonderful time working with you all!  Your baby is soooo sweet!  And, you are an adorable family!

  November 2, 2010   

Had so much fun with this family…they really are near to my heart!  I have captured this little man since he was a bump in his mama’s belly!  This was a fun shoot!  Enjoy!