twirly girly September 28, 2010   

 Ahhh to be a little girl…

 I truly loved working with this very sweet and kind family!  They made me feel so welcomed!

Love this shot.  So much emotion.

Fun daddy shot…


Little miss knew how work the camera…just adorable!!!

Such pretty lashes.

 Mom had a few props she wanted to us to play with.  Love this hat!!

And a lolli!

This is one of my faves from the whole session.  I love the message this image holds.  Those hands have been there for her and will continute to for the rest of her life.  So special.

Thanks for making me feel so welcome.  You guys are a truly special family…I could feel your love for eachother!


  king family vineyards has a new little queen! September 25, 2010   

Oh yes they do!

Isn’t she beautiful?!  And, since daddy is a big hunter, I thought it was only appropriate to use some of his amazing pelts!  Kinda made my Ikea pelts look pretty pathetic!  LOOOOOOVE this shot!!!!!!!

She was so alert for a new little one!  So sweet.

And, of course can’t forget the big sisters.  Cuddling with daddy.

FUN!!!  I wish I had some pics of my own kids like this!

Mama love.  A love like no other…


 Another fave.

I had a ball photographing your stunning family!  Thanks allowing to capture this special time!

And, of course I HAVE to mention the amazing winery… King Family Vineyards.  Absolutely amazing wines and amazing setting.  Go visit them!!

  jillian’s story {my heart session} September 23, 2010   

This is Jillian. 

She contacted me recently about doing a “my heart” photo session.  Those of you who have been following my blog and work for the past few years know that my family was touched by cancer a couple of years ago.  My younger brother was diagnosed with an agressive and rarer form of thyroid cancer. And, once you effected by cancer you are never the same.  It is a constant reminder of our human frailty, and how we should treasure those around us.  Since then I knew then that I wanted to help people suffering–use my gift of photography to bless those going through this ugly disease. And that is what “my heart” sessions are all about.

I’ve asked Jillian to share just a little bit about her story.  Here are here words:

“On July 30, I – an apparently healthy mom of an 18 mos.-old – found out that I had a cancerous tumor growing in my right breast.  What had been the entirely unimpressive discovery of a lump during a decidedly irregular self-breast exam (after all, 29-yr-olds with no family history don’t need to worry about breast cancer) had become an unlikely find that may have saved my life. The news was in stark black and white:  In my mind, I had been moved from the “healthy” group to the “cancer” group.

Since then, the nuance has grown daily – DCIS, IDC? hormone driven? Her2Neu? – and my faith in Christ, my belief that this fits into the plan that He wrote for me before my days began, has kept me going.  My family and friends have helped me navigate a new life.  In this life, I will know what a double mastectomy is like.  I will celebrate the miracle of tomaxafin.  I will join the sisterhood of breast cancer survivors.


To those fighting, stay strong.  To those who think they’re too young, do monthly self-breast exams. To Andrea, thank you for a precious gift documenting my little family at a special time.”

So here is a little of what we captured on her wedding anniversay (can’t remember how many years) and three days before her surgery:

 Please keep Jillian and her family in your thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.  I look forward to a very positive outcome and a great report from Jillian soon!

  thomas and laura’s slide show! September 22, 2010   

  maryland shoot… September 21, 2010   

I got to work with these little cuties this past weekend!  Every year I make about 5 or 6 trips up to NoVa and Maryland to work with some wonderful families…and this happened to be one of them.  We worked on a beautiful waterfront and got some great shots!  

It’s the time of year where I start to lug around the ”red chair”–it makes for wonderful holiday photos!  Aren’t these little guys so cute?!

Cuddles with mom…

Checkin’ out the ducks with dad…

Love this family shot!

Mom mom and poppy joined us for a few pics too!  Love this!

And we even got some pics of just mom and dad…ALONE!!!  Sweet!

Look at that delicious little face.

Super man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few sweet brother shots…

Had so much fun with you guys!  Hope you enjoyed your sneek peek!!

Oh, on another note…the fall edition of SCOUT just came out!!  Make sure to get a copy!!  It looks amazing!

And…only two sessions left for the rest of the year…call me soon it you want one!

  DC shoot…    

Had such a great time working with this family again!  We decided to shoot at the National Cathedral.  It is SO pretty there!  It’s full of architecture and beautiful gardens–the best of both worlds!  Take a look at some of our captures…


Love this fun shot…

Isn’t he a cutie!

something a little different

Love the colors here!

Another great shot!

Having some fun with daddy.

Love how he is looking up with such a big smile!  So cute!

It truly was a pleasure working with you guys again!  Your family is truly beautiful.

  two little sweethearts September 14, 2010   

I had such a great time working with this family!  I’ve worked with them a couple times now, and this was our third shoot together.  They had a new little addition since my last visit.  Isn’t he delicious!?

And his adorable big brother…  We were instant friends–held hands whenever I wasn’t taking his photo!  Love it!  Look at those gorgeous brown eyes!

I seriously have so many I want to share from this shoot…but had to chose some faves.  Love this shot.

LOVE this.  So special!

Look at those gorgeous baby blues…

So sweet!

He loved getting a fist full of mommy’s hair…so cute!

Once again guys, it was a true pleasure.  Love watching your beautiful family grow and am so glad I get to document it!

  7 beautiful kiddos! September 12, 2010   

LOVED working with these sweet kids!  I worked with them a few years back and was really excited to get to see them again!  They welcomed a beautiful baby sister a few months ago!  Aren’t they are gorgeous bunch?!  Mom and dad should be VERY proud!

Here’s their sweet baby sister cuddling with mom…

And the rest of the beautiful brood…

It was so great to see you guys!  Thanks for a fun filled, action packed day!!

  a shoot in a field… September 7, 2010   

 Really enjoyed working with this fun family of 5!  Got so many great shots, I’m not sure which ones to share!  Look at these three beautiful children:

 Love this one!

 He loved playing with his toys

and in the water…

 What a fun swing.  Thinking about getting one of these for my family!

 Another favorite of mine.  I LOVE hammock shots!

 So sweet.

 Then we headed over to the feild where the light was warm and golden.  What a beautiful family.

 Playing in the field.

 A boy and his dog.  Love thes next two shots.

 Beautiful and so natural…

Had such a fun time! 

  8 beautiful faces!    

This was my second time working with this AMAZING family!  Photographing large families can be tough, but I just love it!  I love capturing the dynamics between everyone–so much fun!!  We were able to shoot at a beautiful location!

A little fun!

Six gorgeous children:







We played in the river…

And hung out in a great field…

LOVE this shot of mom and dad.  Look at that sun shining down on them!

And we finished up with climbing trees!  Needless to say, we were all very tired and sweaty by the end of the shoot!


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