Beth and Wes’s slideshow June 21, 2010   
Thanks for being so patient guys…here’s a peek at your day.  Full gallery will be up by the weekend!  Enjoy!
  lil’ car lover!    

This little guy loooooooves his cars!!

He had names for all of them…

And even knew what types of cars they were!  What a smart, cute little man!


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And what a joy he was to work with!!  Sooo sweet and good!  And…adored by mom and dad!!

Look at those beautiful eyes!

And cute expression!


Cuddles with daddy.

Kisses from mommy…

And, yes, we even played cars in the bath tub!

Fist bump.


And we can’t forget the other two babies in the house…  Aren’t they beauties!

Thank you to this wonderful family!  It was such a pleasure working with you! 

  flowers June 15, 2010   

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with this beautiful, sweet family!  As you can see they had two gorgeous, sweet, kind, adorable girls…I could go on and on–seriouly, they were a pleasure to work with!

Mom had some great ideas!  She wanted to incoporate some bright, colorful fresh flowers.  So, so pretty!  Hmm, maybe I should try something like this with my own kiddos…

 A little silliness is always fun to capture!

 A great shot of the whole family!

 A beautiful pic of husband and wife.  They look so peaceful!

 Cuddles.  Doesn’t mom have gorgeous eyes!

 more cuddles.

 Sweet sisters…

Mom also brought some beautiful, vibrant scarves.  The girls played and laughed and ran and jumped…so sweet!  I love seeing kids being kids!  What fun shots!

I am so glad I got to work with you all!  It was so much fun.  You are a fabulous family!  Thank you.

  good times! June 14, 2010   

 Had a great time with this family!  We got to work out in the beautiful country side…my favorite place to shoot!  Love all of the virbrant colors up against the lush green!

 Love this fun shot!

 Look at those cute little cheeks!

 A few of mom and dad alone…

 Thanks to this sweet family.  It was a pleasure working with all of you! 

  brothers June 9, 2010   

These little guys were so cute!  Mom really wanted to shoot at UVA, so that is what we did!  We stuck on the lawn and just captured the boys being boys!  This is a special surprise for dad…shhhhhh!!! Take a look…

 And then some single shots.  Beautiful boys!

Look at those fabulous lashes!

And, they LOVED Star Wars!

 Cute little pout!

 Gorgeous brown eyes!!

 I had a ball chasing you boys around!!  I hope daddy loves his surprise!

  special family of four June 8, 2010   

This was a special shoot.  I’ve been excited to work with this family since learning about them!  They’ve recently adopted their sweet little son and now have two super cute two year olds to love, enjoy, kiss goodnight…and chase around!! 

However, on the day of this shoot there were so many factors that made it an less than ideal shoot…including my camera dying!!  Ugh!  So, we are going to do another little mini shoot to capture some of the shots I was not able to get.  But, we did get some great shots.  Here are a few:

It was a very stormy and rainy afternoon, once the rain stopped we say two beautiful rainbows in the sky.  I don’t typically like to shoot in the full sun, but, we had to try!

We splashed in the rain puddles!

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Beautiful sun flare.

A sweet calm second–and I do mean second–these two were busy the whole time!  So sweet!

I love this!

Loving her baby!

Love this too!

He is a very happy, LOVED little guy…and absolute ADORABLE!!!

As is she!

Playing with daddy.


I had a great time with you all and look forward to grabbing some more shots soon!

  maternity beauty June 7, 2010   

For this maternity shoot we worked at Barboursville Vineyards…sooooo pretty out there!  You really must visit!  Lots of lush green, rolling hills, beautiful vineyards–a wonderful place for a shoot and a glass of wine or picnic!!

This couple was a joy to work with!  So willing to do anything I asked!  We got some beautiful captures…take a look:

Love this perspective.

A favorite shot of mine!

We got daddy involved in quite a few too!  He was a trooper! Didn’t complain once!

Love this…

and this…

and this!!  Summer is such a beautiful time to shoot!  So much green and color!

Thanks to this couple for being such great subjects!  You made my job easy!  I know you’ll be fabulous parents!

  hooootttt daaayyy… but we made it work!    

 This family toughed it out on a very, very hot muggy day–and I think braving the heat and humidity was worth it!  We got some great shots!

 Three very beautiful children:

 And, a few of just mom and dad.  This is sooo important!!  You must get some nice–non wedding photos with the love of your life!  What a nice thing to have to help decorate your room!!  I think they will have some great choices:

 I love this one–I am actually a little jealous, as I’d love a shot like this of me and my hubby :)


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 We also go a few of this guy with his guitar.  Very talented boy!

I had a ball with you guys!  Thanks again!

  little angel June 6, 2010   

I had the privilege of working with this sweet little angel last week.   Precious huh?!

Got a few cuddle shots with daddy.  So sweet…

 And mommy…

Proud parents!

Love this shot!

Guys, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you all!  You are a beautiful family–and your new addition is an absolute angel!