beth and wes {part 2} May 28, 2010   

 Here is part two of the Manteo wedding from this past weekend.  It was a beautiful sunny day!

 The bride and groom exchanged vows at a beautiful lighthouse on the water.

The bride and here bridesmaids having a good time!

 The very cool groom and his groomsmen:

Some of the newlyweds!

Love this…

Love this even more!

Love this the most!

This is a very special group of girls!  A group of great friends.  The kind of friendship that everyone wishes they had!  I have worked with almost all of them on an individual basis–and they are all fantastic, beautiful women!

 Three generations:

Love this shot of the bride with her dad:

And, LOVE this one of the bride with her mom.  So special!


  beth and wes are married!! {part 1} May 27, 2010   

This past weekend I had the priviledge to shoot a fantastic wedding in Manteo, NC for Beth and Wes.  It was a beautiful and classically elegant event.  I was honored to be a part of it.

It’s always hard with wedding because there is so much territory to cover.  So I’ve decided to do this in 3 parts–first, pre wedding details: 

Aren’t the bride’s shoes AMAZING!!!  LOVE them!

 The gorgeous dresses:

 Beautiful bouquets:

 I want to add that the mother of the bride did the bouquets.  She is fantastic with flowers and has an amazing eye!

 A cool ring shot.  Starfish were a key element of the wedding.

 All the fun make up goodies…yum!!

A very cool grandma getting her make up done too.  This family is full of gorgeous women!

Btw, if you are looking for a WONDERFUL make up artist, Kelly is fantastic!  She does beautiful work and is a joy to work with!  I could reccomend her enough!

A sweet card from the groom to the bride:

 Getting dressed:

A very sweet moment between the bride and her parents.  LOVE this!  I want to add that this family was a joy to work with.  They are the kindest, sweetest people–and they ALWAYS have a smile on their faces!

 Beth made a gorgeous bride:

 And, of course, Wes, made a very handsome groom!

Stay tuned for part two!  Have a super day!

  scout shoot for easton events May 18, 2010   

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of working with Easton Events for a Scout shoot.  It was an absolute pleasure work with Lynn and her team–not only are they so kind, but incredibly professional!  You will have to wait for the fall edition of Scout to see their beautiful photo, but here are some of the amazing details for the event they were working on: image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


  so much fun! May 17, 2010   

This was my second time working with this sweet family.  The first time was when thier first little one was born, and now, I got to work with their second addition!  And what a doll baby she is!  Just perfect!  It’s always challenging working with a newborn and two year old, but I think we go some great, fun shots–take a look:

We got some sweet cuddle shots with handsome dad.

And, isn’t this cute!  Grabbing onto mommy’s shirt.

And here’sbig brother being silly!!  He is an absolute sweetheart!

Some family shots…

This is my FAVORITE shot!  LOOOOOOVE it!  Their three beautiful babies.

A fun, different perspective.  Look at those eyes!

Such a sweet, fun shot.  Really illustrates the business of life as parents.

Another one I love!!

And a kissing shot, which is very hard with a two year old, but, with mom and dad’s help (and patience), we got it!

It was a blast guys–thanks!  You should be so proud of your sweet little family! 

  delightful day with a delightful family    

I truly loved working with this sweet family!  They were so fun and delightful!  We had a perfect day to play and create beautiful memories!  Nothing is sweeting than seeing loving, playful siblings…

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Aren’t they a beautiful family!  And the light was so brilliant!  LOVE the light shining through mama’s hair!

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Tickle time…a little bit of movement in this photo.  So fun!

Gotta keep the romance alive, even amongst the kiddos.  So cute!

Cuddles in the grass:

So stinkin’ cute!

More cuddles with mommy.  Gotta love the cuddle shots!

A sweet little beauty with sparkling blue eyes.  Beautiful.

Love lash shots.

Love this.  So nice to have some beautiful current photos with your love.


Another shot I love.

 And lastly, I found these lolli’s at Shennanigans in the Barracks Rd. shopping center.  Had to get some and try them!  Sister got a pretty pink one!

 Thank you to this wonderful family for sharing their day with me.  I truly enjoyed hanging with you guys and helping to capture some special memories!

  sweet little slideshow May 12, 2010   

Here is a recent session slideshow that just melts my heart…

  farmington fun! May 6, 2010   

 I truly enjoyed working with this family again!  Not only are they sooo sweet and friendly, but they are also extremely easy on the eye–making my job an easy one!

We started out at Farmington and got some great shots…

 Love this.  By the way, isn’t mom’s dress fabulous?!?  The did a fantastic job of putting together some great outfits!

 I always have to allow a little room for some silliness when it comes to little kiddos.  So fun!

 Sweet shot.

 Gorgeous couple huh?  Love this shot!

 Hello!!!!!!!  Do they come ANY cuter.  Man he’s a doll!

 Then we ventured over to a beautiful little garden.  It was full of lush greesn and vibrant flowers.  Perfect!  Such a sweet shot of mom and her sweeties!

 Then we headed to the golf course for a little golfing fun! 

Here’s dad and his dudes:

 Love his expression.  Can you tell he adores his mommy?

A few more from the course.

Thanks to this wonderful family–I had a blast hanging out with you all!  You are beautiful inside and out!

  perfection! May 4, 2010   

I love this image.  It is one of my favorites ever.  It’s one that gives me chills and brings a great big smile to my face because it’s exactly what I wanted to capture with this little one!  Absolute perfection!  I’ve been blessed to work with this family three times now, and each time with them is better than the last.  It’s almost like working with old friends when I work with repeat clients.  We are comfortable with eachother and they trust me…and I love that!  Anyway, as you can see, we had a great shoot with a beautiful little girl,

and beautiful flowers,

in a beautiful dress!  Which, I might add, mom picked up from the fabulous Petit Bebe.

Another shot that I adore:

We found an AMAZING tree–LOOOOOOVED it!  I would love to shoot some kiddos climbing on it–so call me if you’re interested.

Did some reading:

Acted adorable!

More on the tree.

Grandma and Grandpa were visiting–what a beautiful couple!  I truly love it when I get to meet the grandparents of my tiny clients!  Love capturing that special bond!

Cooled off in the water with a rubber duck:

And, cuddled with mom.  Whew!  Busy, fun, successful shoot!

As usual, I had a blast with you all and hope we can do it again!  Thanks for allowing me into your lives.


  sneak peek coming soon! May 2, 2010\