fun family slideshow April 29, 2010   

Here is such a great example of what a family photo session with young kiddos looks like.  I truly love this slideshow…makes me smile every time I watch it.  Make sure your volume is up!  Enjoy!


Very limited availability for the rest of 2010–call me SOON if you want a spot. 

  SCOUT IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 21, 2010   

Yes, finally!  Soooooo excited to show what I’ve been working on for the past several months! 

If you’ve ever heard of Scout Charlottesville–the blog–there is now a gorgeous print version!  The SCOUT guide is a  fabulous guide and inside look at some of the best businesses–and their owners–in Charlottesville.  Scout is all about letting you see the people behind the business and encouraging folks to support the local businesses/owners that make Charlottesville such a unique and great town. 

Make sure to get your hands on one SOON!  I am so thankful to be part of such a great team of women:  Susie Matheson, founder of SCOUT; Chrisy Ford, creative director and also the owner of the extremely elegant And George; and Erika Jack, stationnaire extraordinaire/ad designer.  

The SCOUT book:

The beautiful cover:

 A few of my favorite ads–I had a little help from my little guy.  He did a great job holding the pages open!

Scout’s ad:

 Angelo Jewelers:

 Murdoch Matheson:

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 Starr Hill Brewery:

 Mirabelle Antiques and Marcus Wiley:


 Ashtanga Yoga:

 And…..ME!  Kinda weird being on the other side of the lens!

 There’s a lot more to the book, but this gives you a little idea of what to expect. 

So…what are you waiting for??  Go get one!  Enjoy!


  beautiful family + beautiful light = beautiful photos! April 20, 2010   

 I truly enjoyed working with this family!   They were so laid back and genuine.  It was more like hanging out with old friends really.  And, it was obvious that their adorable little girl was the light of their lives!  Can you see why??  She is a doll!

She loved playing with her daddy!

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And, she was such a happy baby!  I LOVE working with happy babies!!

One of my favorite shots:

 Beautiful eyes!

 Beautiful mama and beautiful baby.

 Another fave from the shoot:

 And, another:

 Thanks for a fun shoot guys!  Be back soon with more.

  peanut April 19, 2010   

This little peanut had a pretty rough start to her new life.  But, as you can see, she is doing so well–thriving and and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

 In daddy’s arms.

 She has the most delicious chubby cheeks and adorable expressions.

 Mom and dad are absolutely smitten with her!

 One of my favorite shots:

 Another personal fave:

I truly enjoyed working with this sweet family.  It’s always a wonderful blessing to me to see new parents so in love with their new little one!

  happy anniversary! April 15, 2010   

This family has a lot to celebrate!

These two have been married for 30 years!!  That is a HUGE accomplishment!!  Seriously, this is really something to celebrate!  Marriage is hardwork to do it right and succeed–way to go you two!

And still in love after all these years…

Their gorgeous daughter.

Handsome son and beautiful daughter in law.  Isn’t the grass fabulous?!

They all get along so well!

Fun shot!

pretty girl.

so cute!

Just beautiful!

Again, congratulations!  So glad I could help you celebrate such an amazing milestone in your lives!  Let’s do it again in another 30!!  And, thanks for the tadpoles–their doing well!

  family fun! April 13, 2010   

I met this family in Esmont at their cottage.  They had a lot to celebrate!  A 60th birthday and a very recent wedding!  The weather barely cooperated, but we were able to get some great shots–and the colors just came out fabulously!

Look at this little guy!  At this age they just don’t know the meaning of walk!  Too cute!

 Ha ha!

 The birthday boy with his kiddos!

 Father and daughter.

 Father and sons.

 The adorable newly weds!

 A beautiful family of four…love this shot!

Someone LOVED dinosaurs!

 So sweet!

 Time for some fun!  I absolutely love this!  It’s so fun and full of motion!


 Having fun with gramps!

 Gramps and his boys.

 We decided to go inside and do a few shots with gramps and grammy and the boys–and boy were we smart to do so, because it began to POUR!! 

These are so sweet and fun!

 And the cutest expression of the day goes to this little one.  They don’t come any cuter that this!

 Thank you to this family.  I had a wonderful time working with you all!  You are beautiful!


I was so excited to work with another beautiful swelling belly!   So fun!

Isn’t she beautiful?!

We had some fun with some belly shots…can you guess what they are having??

Love this!

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Then we headed to Monticello Trail…

Love the light in this shot.

Beautiful spring flowers!

Love this shot!  Doesn’t she favor Reese Witherspoon?  Such a cute couple!


No secrets about what this little one’s name will be!  I must give credit to dad, as he is the one who placed these blocks so nicely!  And, credit goes to mom too for holding her breath so we could get the shot!

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Just lovely!

I just loved working with this couple!  They were up for anything and so kind!  You’ll get to meet their little one in just a few short weeks!  Can’t wait!

  1!!!!! April 6, 2010   

 Someone turned 1!!!  And boy, did he celebrate!!

 The celebration took place at the beautiful Keswick Hall.  If you have not ever been, you must!  Absolutely beautiful!!  Spring had just started to show her beautiful colors!

 What a beautiful family!  They are from Korea, so they celebrated with a traditional Korean celebration first.  I loved their colorful, vibrant cothing!

 Some of the fabulous details from the day…

Look at these beautiful shoes!

The birthday boy played a fun Korean game called doljapyee – a game where the baby chooses one of five objects that signifies what he might become one day.  Guess what he chose??

 Yep, president!!  Mom and dad were very proud!  Love the series below.

 One final shot of the beautiful family before they changed.

 Gorgeous mama!

 Sweet baby!

 We tried to squeeze in a few family shots.


 He is just delicious!!

Handsome daddy and son.

 And a final shot with grandma this time!  Love how they all look so happy!

 This was truly a fun experience, and I am so glad I was able to be a part of it!  Thank you to this sweet family!


  fun in the tub! April 5, 2010   

I was so excited to finally get to break out my metal tub with this warm, beautiful spring weather!!  Yay!!  And, couldn’t think of a cuter subject to do it with!  Look at those beautiful eyes!  Little ones usually love this, and this little guy was not exception!

 Ah, to be a baby again!



 Beautiful lashes.


 Then we sat and read for a while.

 and played…

 and chewed!

 What a little cutie!  It was so much fun! 

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring weather!  I know I am!  Be back with more to share soon!