free engagement session…what??? February 24, 2010   

Yes, you read it right!  Why, you might be asking…Well, I am just feeling generous!  I love capturing people in love, so why not?  And with spring somewhere in our future (I hope!), it’s a great time for it!

So, I have decided to make it a little contest….I want to hear about how you became engaged.  Did it happen in front of a huge crowd at a stadium, under a moonlit sky with crickets chirping, during your favorite movie or while eating your favorite meal, or some other creative, romantic way?  I want to hear about it.  Send it all to me…all the juicy details, along with a photograph of you and your fiance.  And, then I want to know why you and your fiance deserve to win more than anyone else.  What makes you special and unique?  Why should we select you?  Please be aware that this might be shared on my blog, so do not write anything you might not want shared with the rest of the internet.

The contest will be judged by a group of local cvillians, I, however, will not judge, as I want to remain neutral.  Your fate will remain in their hands.  Once a winner is selected I will share the top three stories on my blog before announcing the winner.  Winner must be willing to come to Cville for their shoot before 10/2010.  Prints will be purchased separately.

Contest Open’s:  NOW

Contest Closes:  Friday March 5, 2010 11:59pm

Send all entries to with the word “engagement” in the subject space.  I am looking so forward to reading about some great engagements!!  Start typing!!


P.S. To those of you who do not fit this criteria anymore, please pass this info along to anyone you think might be interested!  Thx!

  back at it! February 23, 2010   

Yes, I am back at it!  And the is no better way to start of the year than with a beautiful maternity session!  We started off inside.  Love how these turned out!  Isn’t she just a beautiful pregnant lady!  I truly love the shape of the pregnant body…nothing is more beautiful.

Then we headed outside for a few.  They had some fabulous woods near their house and the lighting was just beautiful!

LOVE everything about this shot!

They had this cool jeep.  When I saw it, I politely wiped the drool from my chin and then asked if we could incoporate it in to some photos.  They were more than happy to oblige!  Such troopers!  As you can see, it was well worth it!  Aren’t the colors fab!!

Alrighty, that’s all for now.  I am almost finished up with my commercial project which I am SOOOO excited about.  Can’t wait to share more about that.  I also have some exciting news to share soon in the future…I know, I’m a tease!  Soon…  Take care everyone!

  what have i been up too?? February 20, 2010   

Hmmm…that’s gonna take a looong post for an explanation.  I do have a lot of reasons for sort of dissapearing for a while.  But am now back and ready to take on 2010!!  So without further ado…here is a snipet of what I have capture for the past 2/3 months:

An adorable family of four…

 LOOOOOVE the blue eyes on these kiddos!


 A very large family group!

 different perspective

 Grandma got these for all of her grandkids…priceless!

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 We snuck away to the wine cellar for a few.  Love this!

 And then the snow came…and kept coming!!


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 Hahaha!  He LOVES the snow!

 Christmas came and went waaay too fast!

 Anxiously waiting to open!

 Showing off his new hat I got him.  handsome boy.

 I also had the privilege to work with Cindy and her son.

 Yes, it was snowing SURPRISE!!  But it was fun!  Isn’t she cute??


 A fave of mine.

 He was a great sport.  Photos are never a teenage boy’s top priority, but he was a trooper for his mama.

 Got to meet up with some sweet friends from college:

 Even photographed my inlaws!  Great shot of them!!

 I also met up with this large family–before the snow.

 They had a great barn/farm to work on!


 And, lastly a few of my own with their sweet little cousin.  We don’t have any of all three of them together, so it was time!

 And that is it…in a nutshell.  I am now off to my first maternity session of 2010!! Yay can’t wait to see what we create. 

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I need to get that darn application up, just haven’t had time–so there’s the link.

Also, very few spots still available before August, so call soon if you want one of them! 

  have you heard of SCOUT??? February 3, 2010   

Have you heard of Scout??  If you live in Charlottesville you really need to!! 

Scout is a great way to find all of the wonderful local goods and services Charlottesville has to offer!  If you are looking for that perfect piece of jewelery or gift, a great local piece of art to hang in your home or perhaps a great place to dine…Scout Charlottesville is the perfect place to find it!  Scout is all about supporting your local vendors, which I LOVE.  I mean, Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie are great for some stuff, but if you have the choice, why not support the local shops and help keep our little town thriving!  Not to mention, your originallity factor will go up greatly with something purchased locally instead of a big old chain store!!  So go on over and give Scout a visit–you can thank me later!  Oh, and yes, Scout’s FABULOUS logo was done by a very talented local designer whom I can’t wait to tell you more about, more on her later…

I promise to get back to blogging on a regular basis very soon–it has been a VERY busy winter season for me, which has left me little time and engery for blogging.  I have a lot to share from the past couple of months and have a bunch on the horizon that I will be sharing as well.  Don’t forget, you can become a fan of Andrea Shirey Photography on Facebook right here!!  Hope everyone is enjoying the snow…