this is CRAZY!!! November 27, 2009   

I truly am shocked by the fact that I am already starting to book up for 2010…mind boggling!  If you are hoping to book anytime during the 2010 year, I would highly reccommend booking sooner rather than later as things are filling up pretty darn fast!  I am seriously honored and humbled by this–and of course, super excited to take on another year of fun photo sessions!

I am also really excited to announce that I have been asked to work on a very cool commercial project here in Cville!  I can’t say much right now, but, suffice it to say it’s a grrrrreeeaaattt opportunity and will be seen all over Charlottesville–so keep your eyeballs peeled!  This will cut in a bit to my regular shooting schedule–so again, please don’t wait if you are interested in booking for next year!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday–I definitely have been and plan to continue through the weekend!  Take care and don’t eat too much pie!

  gorgeous!! November 17, 2009   

Get a load of these two little cuties!!!

 Honestly, my camera loved these two little precious munckins!  Can you see why?  Absolutely beautiful…

This shot cracks me up!!  LOVE IT!!!  Look at his squishy little cheeks.  These two really got along well and loved eachother!

The property we shot on had all sorts of awesome textures, I was in photog heaven!

Playing in the fall leaves…

More leaves!!!

 I had a great time hanging with you two!  Thanks for being such good, sweet kiddos!

  family fun!    

This was such a fabulous family to work with!  I just love the dynamics of large families…and, the best part is, for a few hours I get to jump right in and become a part of it all!  So fun!  Because there were so many kiddos on this shoot, I did a little collage, otherwise, this post would have been looooooong!  Aren’t they all just all beautiful!!

We got some great family shots as well…


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Snacked on some apples…

Mom with her beautiful girl.

Love this shot!

Having a ball on daddy’s shoulders!

Another shot I just love…a boy and his dog, so sweet!

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Thanks again to this beautiful family for letting me be part of your lives for a little while…it was fun!!!

  such a little sweetheart November 11, 2009   

This is my second time working with this little cutie and my how she has grown! Look at those sweet little cheeks!

 And beautiful, sweet eyes…

 Sweet little family shot.

Mom brought along some fun winter coats.  So cute.

Cuddles with mama.

One last sweet family shot…

I had a blast with y’all–thanks for letting me hang out with you for a few hours! 

  love is in the air with side of paula dean! November 10, 2009   

I am sooo excited to shoot this couple’s wedding this coming May!!  We had a chance to get better aquainted and also get some fabulous shots to capture them as a couple.  We had a great time and they were such good sports!

Loving the fall leaves!  What a beautiful day it was.

Isn’t she beautiful?  Her eyes remind me of brilliant amber gems.  And she has a smile that is contagious!

And, yes, he’s not too bad to look at either…handsome fella!


And, the couple have a four legged baby named Paula Dean.  Cracks me up–love it!  One thing I love to do is capture pets with their families whenever possible.  So here’s a few of Paula Dean!

We had a little fun with the candy canes.

Love this next shot…so sexy and mysterious!

A few more faves.

Guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with you in May–thanks for a super fun morning and for being such great sports!  Oh, and a special shout out to the bride’s mom and dad for tagging along and not complaining once–they totally rocked!!

  little angels… November 9, 2009   


What a doll baby!  She was just adorable and a dream to work with!  Easy peasy!!

Love this shot with her and her beautiful mama!

This sweet little one also had a big, beautiful sister, also with beautiful eyes!

and eyelashes.

A few great shots with mama…can you see where this little angels get their good looks??


Dad was able to join us toward the end of our shoot…we got some really sweet family shots–loving the cobblestone driveway…

Mom and dad thanks for sharing your sweet little princesses with me…you are very blessed!

  little boys…    

Occasionally, I take a photograph that makes me what to to a little happy dance right then and there–but, I restrain myself.   One that just makes me so thrilled because I know I’ve caught something truly athentic and unique.  And that is how I feel about this image…LOVE IT!!

I got to play in the beautiful fall weather and crunchy leaves with these little cuties…

Aren’t they just beautifully adorable??  They were an absolute pleasures to work with too–so sweet and well mannered–and little mister above even told me he loved me–sigh…

We also got some fun and colorful family shots!

Played in the leaves!  Love the motion in this!

Some special shots with mom and dad…

Love this one.

Another fave.

And, some bare feet…so cute!

It was so enjoyable to work with this wonderful family–thanks for allowing me to capture your beautiful, sweet family!

I am an editing maching right now…will be back with another fabulous shoot very soon!

  sweet family of three November 3, 2009   

I just love this first photo–so, so sweet!  What a sweet little family of three they were!

And, oh my, what a darling little baby she was!

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist posting this!  Don’t you wish we all looked so cute making a silly face.  And, oh, those delicious dark brown eyes!!


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Hanging with mama…

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All bundled up!

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Peek a boo!

Mama kisses…

What a beautiful, sweet little girl she was to work with–they don’t come much cuter or sweeter!

Thanks so much to this sweet girl’s mom and dad for letting me come play and capture such a special time in her/their lives! 

I am filled to the brim with images–will be posting more soon!

  those eyes… November 2, 2009   

Before I start this post, I do want to let everyone know that I am completely booked for 2009–It has and will continue to be a great year!  I am beginning to book for 2010–so don’t wait too long to grab a date!  Now onto much cuter things…

This little cutie melted my heart every time I looked into those beautiful blue eyes!  I told his mom I have no idea how she ever tells him no–absolutely adorable!

 See what I mean??

 We got some great fall leaf shots–the colors were just beautiful.

 Tractor fun!

 Yup, did a little yard work.

 A few sweet little expressions!  SO much better than posed, cheesy grins!

 Thanks to this little guys parents for allowing me to capture him–so much fun!  I will be back with more soon!

  oh my goodness!! November 1, 2009   

 These first two images leave me speechless . . . well, almost. . . stunning isn’t she??

 I LOVE working with this family and was so excited to hear from them about a shoot for this fall!  I haven’t seen this little one since she was a newborn–obviously, she has changed A LOT!!  What a little sweet heart! 

We got a few in her halloween costume . . .

 A few with the pumpkins. . . The first one cracks me up, as she was trying hard to pick it up!!

 And, I must say, her mama has FABULOUS tast in clothes–we had quite a few wardrobe changes and I absolutley adored each outfit!!  I wish she could come help me with my wardrobe!

 So fun!!  One of my faves!  Love the sheer joy on her face!

 Blowing kisses . . . sigh . . . so, so cute!!

 Beautiful blue eyes–she loved hanging in the basket–and was actually not very happy with us when we changed locations!

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 Such a fun candy cane shot!

 Sweet little family shot. . .

 Once again, LOVE working with you guys–you all are a dream to work with!  Enjoy every second with your sweet, beautiful girl!