batesville store ~ Favorite Fridays! October 30, 2009   

The Batesville Store is definitely one of my favorite places near Cville!  We found this store one day completely by accident–and it has become a family favorte ever since!  It is actually in Batesville–not too far from Cville–and totally worth the beautiful, scenic drive.  Nestled in the tiny, historic community, it’s friendly demeanor invites passerbys and bikers alike to come in sit and enjoy a tasty treat, some delish homemade icecream or a refreshing drink!  And of course, it is a frequently visited place for most locals to pick up their favorite cookie or get a tasty, homemade lunch time treat!  From the moment I walk into this adorable country store, I instantly feel like I am part of a community–similar to how Norm must have felt when walking into Cheers–except, they don’t all yell out my name when I walk in (secretly, I wish they would!  ssshhhhhhhh!!!!).\   Take a look…so cute and inviting!!

Another thing I love about The Batesville Store is that they are alway hosting fun community events–for example–Apple Butter Day! 

They typically have live music on Sunday afternoons where folks can come listen, visit–or even work on their laptop (yes they have wifi!)   They also have music on some Saturdays evenings!!

 See one of the reasons my kiddos love it??  All sorts of goodies!

 And did I mention, HOMEMADE, AMAZING–soo good you want to secretly lick up the crumbs–baked goods!!  Oh so yummy!

 Fabulous wine selection…

 Amazing deli treats for those who have more that a sweet tooth craving…

 And, yes, Ms. Scallet’s Legendary Chocolate Chip Cookies!  There is a story behind these–and here’s the lowdown straight from the mouth of Cid:

Liza taught English at the local high school for thirty years.  When she
couldn't return student essays within the promised two weeks, she would give
each kid a cookie as "compensation" for the delay.  For some odd reason, the
kids never seemed to mind that it would sometimes take her longer than two
weeks to get their papers back to them!  Since Liza taught more than three
thousand students over the years, the cookies became known far and wide in
the community as the Ms. Scallet's Legendary Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Several times a week, Liza's former students, some of them from as far back
as the early 1980's, come into the store for one of Ms. Scallet's
cookies--and they often bring their children with them!
There you have it!  You must, MUST try these!!!

 Another thing that makes me smile about the store is the homey little details–look at these cute little salt and pepper shakers!!

 And, if I still haven’t convinced you to go visit, here are a few more details to sway you to go check this charming little store out!

 So there you have it folks another one of the best places to visit around these parts–go visit Cid and Liza and their wonderful staff, I promise you will LOVE it–and them!!!

Batesville Store can be found @

 6620 Plank Rd
Afton, VA 22920
(434) 823-4752


A bit more info/history about The Batesville Store and it owners Cid and Liza Scallet:

The Batesville Store has been the commercial and community center of
Batesville and its environs since 1880.  Known as Page’s Store from 1913 to
2007, the humble white building at the intersection of three major rural
roads was stuffed from floor to ceiling with dry goods and staples of
particular interest to the farmers in the community, but it also featured
jewelry, major appliances, deli meats, and local crafts.  Owned and operated
for decades by Charles Page and his redoubtable wife, Rose, the store was
the center of the area’s social scene as well, its pot-bellied stove the
gathering place for locals in the winter and the Pages’ field across from
the store a venue for community activities throughout the seasons. 

Today the name of the store is different but its role as a center of
community activity remains the same.  Owned by Liza Scallet, a teacher for
more than thirty years at the local high school, and her husband, Cid, the
store offers goods and services that reflect the needs of a less
agricultural and more professional populace.  Featuring a huge gourmet deli
and a cornucopia of homemade baked goods, the store continues to showcase
local crafts and jewelry but also provides free wireless internet, fancy
coffee drinks, and an impressive collection of Virginia wines.  The old
place buzzes with social activity, including live music every weekend, book
club meetings, events sponsored by the local Ruritan social club, wine
tastings, crafts workshops, and public forums devoted to issues of
importance to the community.

The store is also a place where people just hang out, enjoying a cup of
Greenberry’s coffee or scoop of homemade ice cream while visiting with
friends and neighbors.  It is the heart of Batesville, pure and simple. 

  beautiful family, beautiful leaves October 28, 2009   

I love working in the fall!!  Charlottesville is just so beautiful with all of the changing leaves!  This was such a great shoot–not only did we have fabulous backdrop of colorful fall leaves–but what a beautiful family too!!


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The boys hanging in the trees. . .


Such cute little guys!!  And they had these fabulous stone steps–love them!

A little fun on the skateboards. . .

Such a nice looking couple!


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Such a sweet, beautiful shot!  Look at the rich color!

Thanks to this wonderful family and mother nature for making this such a fun and beautiful shoot!  Be back soon with more to share!

  he gets cuter everytime! October 27, 2009   

 This little fella is one of my “regulars”.  I just love seeing him–He just gets cuter each time!!  I’ve gotten to take his photos since he was in his mama’s belly!  I was so glad mom decided to do a candy cane session again this year.  We got some great shots for some fabulous holiday cards!  These again, were shot on the beautiful grounds of  The Clifton Inn.  Take a look a this little super cutie:

His mom brought his grandfather’s old baby chair.  Love these–cool and sentimental all in one!  And, would you look at those AMAZING leaves!!!  Just fabulous!

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 And, yes, we did some candy cane shots…  So cute . . . and sticky!!

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If there is one thing I’ve learned from being a mom to a boy and photographing SO many little boys is they LOVE rocks!!  And he was no different!!  Just look at that smile…

 Thanks to these wonderful clients for sharing their sweet little one with me and my camera and thank you so much Clifton Inn for allowing me to shoot on your gorgeous grounds!  Be back with more soon!

  beautiful blue eyes! October 26, 2009   

I got to work with yet another beautiful baby–I am so lucky to get to work with such cuties!!  Look at those gorgeous eyes . . .

This little sweetie also had an adorable, very handsome big brother . . .

I can’t resist a baby in a basket . . .

Some cute interaction shots–you can really tell how much these two loved eachother!

 Such a cool kid!

 Too cute for any words . . .

 I brought along my red chair…tis the season!  Isn’t he just gorgeous?!?  Loving the colors in this shot!

 Love this shot as well–they were looking at their mom–you can just see the love on their faces…so sweet!

 Well, I’ll be back with more soon.  Off to more Candy Cane Sessions!!

  explorations play studio ~ favorite fridays!!!! October 23, 2009   

Explorations Play Studio is definitely a favorite place for me in Cville!  Although I don’t get to take my son as often as he’d like–the time that he has spent there he has LOVED!!!  As a matter of fact, as I was working on this post and preparing the photos, my son saw the photos and said “That place is SO fun!”  So there you have it–straight from the mouths of babes!

Owner, Nicole Root, has done a fabulous job creating an amazing, unique environment in which boys and girls can dream, explore and create fabulous and amazing things!   Honestly, every single time I am in there I want to sit and play too!  Which is actually AWESOME because moms can come and interact with their children and not be distracted by the demands of everyday life!  I so wish there was something like this when I was little!

I also love Explorations it because it is not only a wonderful place for socializing for children–but moms too!  It can be SO hard to be a mom at home all day with little ones–Explorations not only encourages children to interact and play, but it also allows for moms to chat and get to know one another a bit! 

So enough chatter take a look and see  for yourself what a wonderful place this is!:


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 AMAZING blocks!!!!!

 Fun, interactive manipulatives:

 LOTS of color!!

 Such a beautiful and fun environment!

 One of their very cool toys–hammer and nails.  Kids LOVE this!!

 Heres a few more details for you to feast your eyes on:

 See what I mean!  FABULOUS–huh??  They say it best . . . “A play studio for children, aesthetically and purposefully designed to entice them to explore and discover!”–Exactly!!

Explorations caters to boys and girls ages 2-9.  They offer a variety of classes, as well as open play–and even summer camps!  You can check out their site for a complete list of classes and studio times:   Don’t miss out on this very unique and cool opportunity for you kids–go visit Nicole at Explorations!


  adorableness October 21, 2009   

I had a blast with this two little sweeties!  We met up at The Clifton Inn for a candy cane session.  Look how adorable they are . . .

Cute little piggie tails . . .

Little beauty . . .

We had some Christmas lollis:

Which made them verrrrry happy!!!!

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Once again a great session with wonderful children!  Thanks so much for making this such a fun day for me!


  Petit Bebe ~ Favorite Fridays! October 16, 2009   

Petit Bebe is a fabulous store and one of my favorite places in Cville!!

From the moment you walk in you are greeted with delicious fabrics, unique style, rich textures and simplistic, one of a kind beauty.  See for yourself . . .

Whether you are looking for that perfect baby gift for a friend. . .

 An adorable wardrobe for your own bambino . . .

Some fabulous furniture for your precious little’s room . . .

Or something stylish to show off your sexy baby bump . . .


You will find it here . . . I promise!!!

And, just incase I forgot to cover any of my bases, here’s a little more eyecandy to show you what Petit Bebe has to offer . . .

The other thing that makes this store so fabulous is the owner . . . Kim Kuttner.   Yes, shes the one buried under all of the kiddos.  Not only is she a wonderful mom to 4 very adorable children, but she runs a great business with a smile on her face and fantastic customer service! 

I truly have a special place in my heart for this girl.  She was one of the very first people I met when I moved to Charlottesville and helped give me a chance at becoming who I am today–I am so grateful to her. You will not only love the products Petit Bebe has to offer, but you will love it even more for her!

 So, again if you are needing that perfect baby gift, some delish new clothes for your bursting belly or growing baby, a top of the line stroller, or some A-MAZING furniture for the kiddo’s room–go get it at Petit Bebe–you will not be disappointed!  You can find them on the web at or in the historic downtown of Charlottesville @ 115 South 1st Street (corner of 1st and water street) Charlottesville, VA.

Thanks so much for checking this post out–check back next Friday for another one of my favorite places in Charlottesville!

  sweet baby girl October 14, 2009   


This little nugget was so sweet and good for our whole session–honestly, she made my job so easy!  She is SO precious–and barely fussed at all!  Take a look . . .

I love this expression!!!!

 Got some great shots with mom and dad . . .

 Safe in daddy’s arms.

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A personal fave from the shoot.

Another personal fave–love this!!

 Big yawn!

 Of course, there was another baby we needed to include–isn’t he adorable!?!?!

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 I just want to kiss that sweet little fuzzy face!!!!

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Of course, can’t forget baby toes!!

 Thanks y’all for a very fun session.  I enjoyed my time I spent with you–and REALLY enjoyed my bottle of wine!! 


  peek a boo! October 13, 2009   

He was a little shy at first…

But, he warmed up to me!

This is the third time this year I have worked with this delicious little fella!  I have really enjoyed watching him change and grow!  And, aren’t his little bibs the cutest?!?

He was a bit small to peek all the way over the basket…but I love how this turned out!  Those eyes are just stunning!

I know mom and dad are going to love this one–look at that big old smile!

Oh, and by the way, mom is has a fabulous new book– “All Cakes Considered”  that just hit bookstores this month…go take a look–it’d make a GREAT gift for the holidays! 

Take care and stay warm everyone–I hope you all are enjoying this absolutely stunning time of year!

  October 12, 2009   

I got to work with this fun, beautiful family not too long ago.  Mom thought it’d be fun to start in their fabulous basement/bar…We got some great shots!

And then headed to the park.

Look at those beautiful brown eyes…what a cutie!

A few cuddle shots with mommy.

LOVE this…

and this…

and this…

We also tried to squeeze in a few of just mom and dad–what a stunning couple!

And dad wanted to get a shot of him and his boy in the VT stuff–what is a hokie anyway???  I guess I should learn that, since about 1/2 of my clients tend to be a fan.  Love this and the color!!

So there you have it, another fun, fabulous family!  I really enjoyed working with you all!!!


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