pregolicioussssssss! ~Virginia Maternity Photographer~ August 24, 2009   

So I got to work with this hot prego mama not too long ago.  She is a sweetheart and a half!  Not to mention she has great style–look at that dress!!  And, she has some of the coolest hair ever!!!

 Love this shot!

This one too!  I’ve always wanted to work in a corn field!  I am actually considering trying to do some fall family shots in a cornfield–soo fun!!

Yes, she is a dancer and a pilates instructor…

A few with the hubs.  Love the back lighting in this one!


They had some awesome pine trees in their backyard…love how this turned out!

 A different perspective.

They also had this very cool crepe myrtle in their backyard–love the depth and texture this gives!

It was a blast working with you two–thanks for making my job so easy!!  Happy Monday everyone!

  sweet baby girl… ~Virginia Newborn Photographer~ August 23, 2009   

I truly enjoyed photographing this little angel…and look at that head of hair!!!  It’s always so much fun to meet a new sweet little soul that has just come into this world.  And, to watch the parents just ooze with love and joy for that sweet little soul!  This session was no different!

Proud mama and papa…

Love this…

And this…

Can’t forget a few with the other baby!!

Safe in daddy’s arms.

And a few fun shots…love how these turned out!

I really love the pebbles and the colors in this one!

That’s all for now kids.  Check back soon for a hot (pregnant) mama!! 

  LOVE this!!!! ~Virginia Maternity Photographer~ August 21, 2009   

LOVE this shot!  Waaaaay more to show, but not enough time!  So for now, here’s a little visual snack!!!



  to mini or not to mini–that is my question!! August 19, 2009   

Okay, so I’ve been looking at Holiday card designs gearing up for the season, and it got me to thinking and wondering if I should do any mini sessions this year.  My calendar is filling up pretty fast for the fall–so my inclination is to say no.  But if I get enough response from people saying they’d like me to do them again, then I will find time in my schedule for a date of two, but if not, I will just stick with my regular sessions.  Please let me know what you’d prefer.

  explorations play studio    

So, occasionally, I like to share some of my favorite places in and around Charlottesville.   You can find all of these under “my favorite places” at the top of my blog.  I don’t get paid for this or any sort of handout, I just like to give other businesses that I find to be great a little shout out!!  I am very selective about what I put up there, as I only want to share places where I have recieved exceptional service and attention–and/or that have amazing products. 

Well, the latest place to add to my list is Explorations Play Studio.  Have you been there??  If not, and your have younger kids (up to 9) then you really must.  My son went for the first time the other day, and his eyes just lit up at the sight of all of the awesome, fun things to do–heck, I really wanted to stay and play too!  So when you get a chance, go visit Nicole at Explorations–you will be soo happy you did (and so will your kiddos!!) 

  little surfer dude ~maryland kid photographer~ August 11, 2009   

Got to hang with this adorable kidlet the other day.  Isn’t he just delicious!!  That hair and those eyes, mom is gonna need a stick to keep the girls away when he grows up!

Just adorable!

Fun shot with his beautiful mama!  So special!


  little miss cutie pie! ~Maryland Family Photographer~    

I LOVED working with this sweet family!  This was the first time I got to meet their sweet little angel, as last time she was in mama’s tummy!  As you can see she is a doll!

I loved working in this room.  The light was awesome and the colors were too!!  This little girl’s mama definitely has a flair for decorating!  Take note of the ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ sign above the bed.

I love this shot!

And this one!

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Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

This was a fun shot taken in baby’s room.

Then we ventured to the great outdoors…the same place mom and dad had their first date and got married!!

Love this little squishy, kissable, chubby cheeked baby shot!  Just too cute!

Love this fun shot too!  What a little ham!!

Little miss was not too sure about the grass…look at those chubby legs!!!!

  more testing… August 6, 2009   

Bear with me as I test out more images on my blog.  Using a few of my faves.  Happy Thursday!!


  pretty cool! August 4, 2009   

I was featured on this webite after submitting some images of how I display photos in my home.  The photos there are of Will’s room–I had so much fun decorating his room and he absolutely loves all the photos!!  This is a GREAT website to get inspiration on how to display photos in your home.  Check it out!!

  chchchanges… August 3, 2009   

Yup, that’s right making a few changes to make my blog even better!!  These are just a few test images, but I figure if they look ok, I might just leave them…

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