schedule July 31, 2009   

Just a quick little note to update everyone on my fall schedule.  This is Definitely my busiest time of the year!!  I have decided to go back to shooting only one weekend a month in NOVA/DC as it is just getting to be too much with the driving.  The following dates are what is still available for 2009. 

NOVA/DC dates still available:  Oct.  9  and 11

                                        Nov.  13, 14, 15

Richmond/Charlottesville dates still available:  Sept. 11, 18

                                                                           Oct.   2, 23, 30

                                                                           Nov.   6, 20, 21 

Please call me soon to reserve your date!  Happy summer! 

  vacation July 30, 2009   

 Well, we are back home after a nice long break away.  I am glad to be home, but it is always hard to get back to the daily grind.  I wanted to post a few pics I took on vacation mainly of my kids and a few of my parents too.  They are by no means perfect, but I kind of prefer that.  Enjoy!

I love eyelash pics and am so glad I got a few of my own kids–already ordered this and the one of my son for my house.

Her, not so tiny, sandy feet :(

Love this shot of him.  I bout them both a cheap little shell necklace and they wore them the whole time–super cute!

A few with my parents…They have a super close relationship with them and I am so glad I am able to capture that for both my parents and my kids.

Look at that little guy all squished in there.

 Emma and grandma …

Will and grandpa…

A few of my parents…

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 I really like this one–printed them one in an 8×10 and I’m gonna frame it and give it to them.

Captured this as I was leaving…just perfect!!!

A few more…Will and my mom–we were on one of our many quests to watch the shuttle launch that day.

Being silly with shells.

My sweet girl.

Being silly with grandma.

  i have a great idea! July 24, 2009   

So, we are technically still on vacay…but I had a great idea and just wanted to put it out there on my blog because it’s pretty time sensitive.  The Albemarle County Fair is coming this week from July 28-Aug. 2.  I have seen photo sessions for families and also engagements done at fairs and they are AWESOME!  Just think, ferris wheels, cotton candy, lights and fun bright colors!!!  What a fun location!!  So…I know it is last minute, but if there’s anyone out there interested, I am game!!  Just shoot me and email or give me a call! and we’ll try to line something up.

  see ya!!!!! florida bound… July 8, 2009   

Just a head’s up, I will be out of town on vacation and also doing a bit of location work for most of July.  If you are interested in booking a session for August or beyond, please email and I will get back to you as soon as I can!  Please note fall is filling up FAST!!!  Call or email soon to hold a spot.  Hope everyone is having a fabulously lazy summer!! 

  happy birthday part 2 ~Virginia Family Photographer~    

 Here is part two…The family was gathering together to celebrate this young man’s birthday, beautiful photo of him and his bride.

This was a fun and equally adorable couple to work with as well–daughter and son in law to the birthday boy…LOVE this shot!!!

Awwwww…so sweet!



Then we played a little basket ball–got some really fun shots!

Love the generations shown in this shot–Grandfather/father/son…

A shot of the whole gang.

This was a lot of fun you guys–I hope you had a wonderful rest of your visit (they were headed to play paint ball the next day!)–and am honored that I was invited to be  part of it! 

  happy birthday part 1 ~Virginia Family Photographer~    

It is always an honor and pleasure to work with repeat clients, not only do they “get me”, but they must have really liked what I’ve done for them in the past for them to call me back the following year–and that is the highest form of flattery to me!  This is a great family to work with–full of energy and life!  I must say that I am splitting this session into two different blog posts as there is a lot to share–we did a family shoot (which is what I am showing first) and also an extended family shoot to celebrate a very special man’s birthday–which is what I will post next.  So here we go….

Three beautiful children and I must say I loved the lighting, it was just fabulous for some nice back lighting!  Isn’t he a cutie–look at those eyes!

Can’t resist tiny crocs!!

Another adorable guy–just love this shot!  See what I mean about the lighting!

Look at those eyelashes!!!!

This guy is so handsome–look at those full lips–mom and dad are going to be shooing the girls away–if they aren’t already!!

Adorable couple…

And we can’t forget puppers!!

Did a little piano playing on their AWESOME antique piano…

A few more faves from the shoot…

I will be back with the second half of this fun session soon–stay tuned!!

  second time around ~Virginia Family Photographer~ July 3, 2009   

This shot brings tears to my eyes…I just love it!!  Mom wanted to capture some special time with grandpa and his only grandson.  The little guy may look familiar, as I did some newborn shots of him not too long ago.

Love these as well–love the smile and the interaction, so fun!

Look at that adorable expression and those gorgeous blue eyes!

A few of dad and his sons.

A few with daddy…

And the sweet little family…

Thats all for now!  I hope everyone has a fab 4th–I know I’m planning to!  Hope to get one or two more posts up before my vacation–stay on the look out!

  adorableness! ~Virginia Family Photographer~ July 2, 2009   

This little guys was absolutely delicious!!  Look at what a cutie he is!!

I met this family in Alexandria and we just strolled around town and took some amazing photos.  It was very enjoyable, and we got some great shots!!  The thing I love about Alexandria is the awesome texture and beautiful color–its a photographers dream!  Isn’t this a cute shot!

more kisses…

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE this next shot–just beautiful!!

Playing with shadows and light.

 This was fun–loved this banister!

 Great shot of father and son…


Cuddles with mom…

So sweet!

 This shot reminds me of the Lion King when the parents hold Simba up . . . yes, I watch way too many children’s movies!!

I really enjoyed working with such a sweet family and little man was such a trooper!!  It was an honor and a pleasure guys!!