brown eyes… ~ virginia photographer April 29, 2009   

This little brown eyed boy just recently turned one!!  He is just too cute for words!  And I must say this beautiful family was a group of troopers as it was VERY HOT on the day of this shoot!  I sure am glad they endured the heat–as I couldn’t be more pleased with the results…

Brother and sister were both gorgeous!  Love this shot–beautiful!

This little one is an absolute beauty–those eyes are absolutely AMAZING!!  Mom and dad are going to be beating away the boys when this little one grows up!

Same shot–just a little cropping.

Loving his expression!!

This shot makes me smile–like I said too cute for words!

Fun family shot.

So sweet–kissing daddy’s hand…

Happy in mama’s arms!

That’s all for now–be back with more soon!

  fun family ~ Virginia Photographer    

I really enjoyed working with this family!  They reminded me a lot of my own family–so needless to say I felt an instant connection!  Aren’t they a nice looking bunch!    This was actually a birthday gift for the beautiful red head from her hubby–I love it when I get a call from a husband–so darn sweet!! Unfortunately, there were two missing from the group–maybe we can get them all together next time!

Beautiful couple!

Really like this shot a lot!  As you can see, their yard was full of beautiful bushes and trees, which made for a colorful backdrop!

Their lovely daughter amongst the azaleas…

Stunning shot…

Sweet pic of father-daughter.  I could tell these two were close by how they interacted.

Beautiful mom/beautiful daughter–LOVE this shot!!

and this one–so fun!

Can’t forget the family kitty!

Thanks you guys for making this such a fun shoot!

  another beautiful bride ~ Virginia Photographer April 22, 2009   

Yes, I got to photograph another beautiful bride!  Not only is she adorable, but as sweet as can be as well!  She has such a fresh look–love it!

She brought along these hot red heels–and they couldn’t bee more perfect!

She is such a classic beauty!  Love her eye color.


Sooo pretty!  Her mom made the bouquet with flowers from their garden–didn’t she do an amazing job!!

This is one of my faves–I am in love with sun flare!

Hope everyone is enjoying this CRAZY weather!!  I sure am not!  I am sooo ready for warm, sunny days and no more rain!!!  I hear this weekend is supposed to be beautiful!!  Take care!

  party of six ~ Virginia Photographer April 20, 2009   

This was a very sweet and fun family to work with!!  And did I mention beautiful??  I’ve been photographing a lot of large families lately–definitely keeps me on my toes!

I love to capture large families interacting–so fun!

Love this shot.

Look at those four adorable sweethearts!  So cute!


And here are a few close ups of each little cutie.  All of them have beautiful eyes!

Mama with her babes.

LOVE how this shot turned out–so sweet!

and last but not least…the beautiful mom and handsome dad.

  a new baby brother… April 16, 2009   

Yup, that’s right, these girls have a new sweet baby brother–with one of the best names ever (which shall have to remain a mystery)!!  Loved working with this fun, spirited family!

  A sweet shot in the grass…

One of my faves…

This little sweetie wasn’t feeling 100% on the day of the shoot–but she did awesome!

LOVE this shot of her–very fun and cool!

And this little one–well, if you can’t tell by the next few photos was quite a fun little character–full of personality!!  Oh she was really fun!

Love this!

a couple of great shot of the sisters–really sweet and genuine!

And, can’t forget mom and day w/sweet baby!

getting some mama love…

beautiful shot of father and son!

And last but not least, a little wresting–too fun!

  a boy and his dog…and his mom and dad too! April 15, 2009   

This family was a pleasure to work with so sweet and kind! 

The first two images from this post are obviously the images the post was named over–I really love these!  These two were the cutest!  And puppers just kind of sat there like she knew she was supposed to!  So sweet!

Look at that little face isn’t he a doll!  This age is such a great  age to capture!

Little mister was teething and wanted those hands in his mouth!  Luckily, hand-in-the-mouth shots are some of my faves!

little tootsies!


LOVE this shot!! SO fun!!

A beautiful mama/baby shot–love their expressions!

I love capturing the contrast between a dad and baby–such an amazing and beautiful thing!

This was one of the last shots I took–and I am pretty sure he was wondering if I was ever going to leave or if I was taking up permanent residence at their home!  I do have a tendency to stick around for a while!

And lastly, another favorite shot!  I love the love and raw expression in this–priceless!

I’ll be back very soon with more!  I am VERY busy right not and trying to keep up with this craziness-and loving every minute of it!  Please call me if you are wanting to book in June-August–as my schedule is filling up fast!!

  bridal babe ~ Washington DC Photographer April 13, 2009   

I had so much fun hanging out with this beautiful bride!!  I love it when people get me and my style–and she totally does!  And can you say va va VOOM–Isn’t she incredibly sexy and gorgeous??? And look at those shoes!!

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S veil–so fun and vintage!!

This was a fun shot…the bride actually saw the sign and said it would be funny for her to stand under it to give to future hubby–well, I thought, why not see if we can take it down and actually hold it!!  And sure enough…I like to tell my clients that I will risk getting arrested for a good shot–they just need to be willing to bail me out so we can finish the shoot!!  Totally worth it if you ask me!

Love this…

We found a cool wall–and I am so glad I listened to my instinct, cause I LOVE the way these turned out!

So sweet!

This is one of my faves…

Another fave…

I can’t wait to shoot this beautiful girl’s wedding!!  Have a good day all!

  pregolicious!!! ~ DC Photographer April 9, 2009   


Short on words…but fortunately not much are needed for this maternal beauty!  Enjoy!

  why do a newborn session???? April 7, 2009   

Maybe this will answer that…