prom mini sessions!!! ~ Virginia Photographer March 30, 2009   

I am soooo excited about this!  Please call me if you’d like more info.  Spacing is very limited!


  awwwwwwwww…. ~ Virginia Photographer March 26, 2009   

Yes, another newbie!  It is that time of year–and it won’t be slowing down for a while!  I just love photographing newborns!  I typically save my faves for last, but thought I’d change it around!  Love this shot–super excited about my newest newborn cradle prop–actually found it while I was out shopping–literally minutes before this session!

A few swaddle shots–so sweet and simple…

getting some mama love…

And yes, can we all give a little clap for this mom of three’s sexy toes!  I mean how could I not get a shot of those!  Any woman who has had even one baby knows what an accomplishment it is to have pretty toenails!

Cool shot with dad–I LOVED his shoes–he asked me if he should change them when I got there–I said NO WAY–they are perfect!

Did I mention I LOVED his shoes!  One day those little feet will be just as big as dads–hard to believe!

This is another fave of mine–I just really love this shot.

And we can’t forget this little guy’s two big, adorable sisters!  I’ve actually worked with these girls before–so sweet and cute!  Love her expression!

And then there is this little cutie!

This was a bribe bought by mom just incase!  Too fun–love these kind of shots!

That is it for now!  I am heading out the door to Frost Montessori’s Silent Auction–where my services will be auctioned off–let’s hope I am able to help them bring in some dough!  Have a good night!


  did someone say prom??? March 24, 2009   

Why not do something different this year??  Details coming soon!!

  little bro ~ Virginia Newborn Photographer March 23, 2009   

Short on words.  I promised some pics of the sweet little brother.  Here they are!  Isn’t he beautiful!


  life on a farm… March 22, 2009   

Somebody has a new baby brother!!!

Yup, that’s right, these two beautylicious children have a new beautiful baby bro!  I will blog more about him in my next post, as I have too, too many to share for just one post!  These kiddos are sooo lucky to live on an amazing, beautiful farm full of animals and adventures!

So sweet!

We started in their amazing house.  The backdrop was actually one of their gorgeous doors–there was no finish or even polyurethane on the doors–totally au natural–I LOVED the nice soft natural look!  It just added to the children’s beautiful features!  Tattoos will be removed via photoshop if mom wishes.  What a cutie huh??

And what a sweetheart she was–mom and dad are going to be beating boys away when this one grow up–gorgeous!!!!

Both kids had amazing blue, sparkly eyes.

Little miss liked to dance–so sweet!

Then we headed outside to climb and explore.  LOVE how these turned out!!!

Next, to the chicken coop we went, and I must say, I was a bit jealous as I REALLY am wanting some chickens of my own!!  As a matter of fact, I might have to break down and get a few!! 

Peeking out of the the coop…

We even found a few eggs!!

We hung out a bit with the cows…which were not people shy at all as you can see!

Yep, that is pretty much life on a farm–animals, adventure, and lots of fun!  These kids are soooo lucky to live in such a beautiful place.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with this family!

Oh yes, I wouldn’t want to forget child #4–puppers was so sweet and cute!  Peeking in through yet another fabulous door!

Lastly, I love this shot.  He looks so pensive, and deep in thought, like he is meditating on something really important, however, to be honest, I just caught him in a blink!  So fun!

I will be back soon with some more photos of baby brother–see ya soon!

  boudoir March 19, 2009   

I get asked A LOT if I do boudoir photography.  And the answer is–yes I do!

Boudoir photos make for an amazing anniversary, just married, or Valentine’s gift for your sweetie–or heck, a just because works well too!   You may wonder why I do not have any images to share on my blog or site–and that is because I have very strong opinions about not sharing those images with anyone BUT the beautiful women I take them of!  It is hard, because I LOVE to share my work, especially when it is of such beautiful subjects, but my respect and conviction runs deeper–and I never want any of my clients/subjects to feel objectified! 

However, I was able to find one I could share, as I do want to show the style of my boudoir work.  My boudoir sessions are done in the home of the client.  It is very classy, simplistic and AMAZINGLY sexy!  This image below was captured for a recent boudoir session I did for a Valentine’s Day gift. 

Soooo ladies, keep boudoir sessions in mind as the weather warms and you get a bit of color from the toasty summer days that are fast approaching–trust me when I say, there will never be a better gift for him…NEVER!!

  why do a maternity session?? March 14, 2009   

Hopefully this will answer that question…

Let’s just be honest, this is the one time in your life where it is considered beautiful to have a belly so big it blocks the sight of your feet!  Savor it, relish in it, capture it!  You ARE beautiful and amazing!!

  20% off gallery wraps! March 9, 2009   

Sorry so long no post, but I have been a busy, busy girl and it’s only going to get crazier with the warm weather!  But I wanted to pop in real quick and let you know that my canvas printing company is offering me a 20% discount on all canvases.  Sooooo, I wanted to pass this great opportunity on to all of you!  This is a great opportunity to get the canvases you’ve been considering!!  I typically show all clients these beautiful creations but, if you haven’t seen these awesome, amazing pieces of art–you can see quite a few pieces of my work at Petit Bebe, Jefferson OB/GYN, and Momentum Pilates Studio.  Because my printing company ends this sale on MARCH 21, 2009–I can make no exceptions, so if you want one, please don’t wait until it’s too late.

Also, May and April are officially booked up–on to June which is filling up.  So please call soon to get the date you are hoping for!  Have a wonderful day and enjoy this AMAZING weather!!

  new stuff March 2, 2009   

I’ve been working on a few new fun little projects…really excited about these different collages!  More to come soon!

  catching up March 1, 2009   

 Okay, so I know most of you know we visited Turks and Caicos this past summer for a “relaxing” vacation…However, it ended up being anything but!  I am just now getting around to proofing and editing some of the photos.  This was the first day.  We had bought our kids some snorkeling gear–we had a ball seeing all the fish, coral, etc.  They did awesome!  Btw, the one in the background is his uncle goofing off as usual.

So after the first day, hurricane Hanna hit and all the fish we got to see were dead.  Example below.  I wouldn’t have let him pick it up, but he was with daddy and was very proud of what he brought home to show.  Have to admit it is a very beautiful fish!

This is how the kiddos spent the next few days…there were 10 of us total cooped up in the house for about 5 days–luckily it was a very large house!

 Finally, after spending several days closed up watching the wind and rain, electricity going on and off, we wake up to this–the calm between the storms.  We received a phone call that morning that we had to evacuate immediately, as hurricane Ike was coming and he wasn’t going to be as friendly as Hanna.  Needless to say, we were packed up in a matter of a couple hours ready to head home.  The next few were taken right before we left…

A very packed, unairconditioned airport full of sweaty tourists–ick!

Being silly in the airport.

Tired of sitting and waiting in line in the airport.

We finally got home and hurricane Ike did hit–as a category 4 –the very next day and nearly destroyed the island.  So, we were very lucky to have escaped, or else, we may have had to become residents for a while.  Anyway,  here are a few others from the summer, like I said….catching up!  My oldest turned 10–bittersweet!  I can honestly say it is a wonderful age–she is such a great kid–but her innocence and childlike ways are fleeting, and that is hard to handle.

A few at my parents.  It is so important to capture kids with grandparents–I am so glad I took the time to do this, and need to do it more!  Those little lips are just deliciously irresistible!

One with grandma…

Grandpa and Will

A favorite that will be framed in our house…

Love this shot too!

And yes,  I do allow my kids to torture my dog by dressing him in human clothes–one of my favorite memories as a kid–how can I deny them?

 Take care everyone and enjoy the (hopefully last) snow!