FREE PHOTOS!! February 25, 2009   

Okay now that I have your attention, there is a catch!  I am looking for a few teenage girls who own formal gowns/prom dresses for a photo opportunity I have!  Dresses must be bought with in the last year or two–in other words current and fashionable–girls must be at least 14 years old.  Participants will receive a $150 print credit toward photos/sizes/quantities of their choice.  I am looking to do this relatively soon, so if you are interested, please call 434.823.1531 or email me @

  las vegas & park city    

So we are finally home.  And I mean FINALLY!!!  It was a very fun, exhausting trip, and I am sooo glad to be home!  I am now dealing with two very sick kiddos that are on the mend–but still not back to full capacity.  I start back to shooting regularly this weekend and the schedule for spring and summer and EVEN FALL is starting to really book up!  Anyhoo…..a brief synopsis of our whirlwind trip….

This was leaving WPPI.  On the way out, I realized I had not picked up my camera once the whole time.  I was sooo busy learning that I really didn’t have time.  But I couldn’t leave Vegas without any pics to prove I was there, so I shot these next few on the way out.  BTW, we were supposed to fly out to UT, BUT, my wonderful hubby accidentally booked our tix for March 18 instead of Feb. 18!!  So–road trip–and the stop @ Del Taco made it toally worth it!!  Why don’t we have those on the east coast?  We headed to Utah in our little rental car. . .

racing a train. . .

And oops!!  We did want to get there a bit too badly!!  We did end up with a ticket, but the officer was a very nice guy!

Park City was adorable and very quaint. . .I loved the support of art and creativity in the city.

This was a fence someone had made of old skis–very cool!

Park City @ night!

A few shots @ Canyons ski resort. . .

And this last shot….is a bit PG13–so if you are easily offended, consider yourself warned–and scroll through…






I saw these in several locations–must be all the rage!  I guess it’s for the man who has everything thing under the sun???


Well, our trip ended with our taxi NOT picking us up and making us miss our first flight, so we played catch up all day on all three flights home and finally made it home to see our kiddos around midnight!!  Not the best way to end the trip, but we got home none the less! I hope everyone else is enjoying these last few weeks of winter–I can hardly wait for spring!!  I’ll begin posting more regularly now that I am home–talk soon!


  whew! February 19, 2009   

Vegas was fun–very exhausting, but very fun!  I learned sooooo much and met so many really nice people!  I found some awesome new products that I am really excited about that I will begin to slowly incorporate into my biz!  The best part of wppi for me was all the incredible speakers/photographers I got to learn from.  They left me feeling inspired and reminded me why I do what I do–it is my passion!  I feel more now than ever that I am going to be able to produce amazing work for my clients–because I have been reminded to shoot from my heart!  Something that can be hard to keep in mind when you are shooting so often!  For all the photogs out there that do read this, you really should check out wppi–it is a wonderful resource and a great place to connect with other photogs! 

Some the awesome photographers I was blessed to hear:  Mike Larson–sooo inspiring and stunning work!  Ron Dawson–and awesome video/film dude that does truly amazing and emotion grabbing work!  Jessica Claire a truly amazing wedding photographer and inspiration to me.  Joe Bussink–a truly gifted and inspiring photographer and leader in the industry.  David Jay an all around great guy with a an amazing heart, business leader and fantastic photog.  I also had the pleasure of having a wonderful mentoring session– which I WON through the Thirst Relief Auction–with the fabulous Millie Holloman–a simply stunning, business savvy photographer–thanks so much for your insight and time Millie!  So as you can see between all of this and the trade show, I was a very busy girl!

We are now in Park City, Utah for a few days to hang, relax, enjoy the scenery, and for the hubby to ski!  I will have some pics. to share when I get back!  Best to all!

  happy valentine’s day! February 12, 2009   

I found these little cuties on Etsy  (my newest online addiction) and am excited to give my husband the one with my name on it for Vday–I will of course keep the one with his name on it!  He’s not a big jewelery wearer, but I am pretty sure he’ll like this! 

I know it’s a couple days early, but I hope everyone has a nice Valentine’s Day–even if it is a ridiculously cheesy holiday, that has been overly exposed by hallmark and all things retail!  Let’s face it–as much as we don’t want to admit it, we all have a secret little girl inside of us that hopes to receive that special valentine that is going to melt our heart–right?  I hope you get it this year–and maybe you should even be the one fulfilling that dream for someone else!  Have a good one!  BTW, I will be gone for the week in Vegas for a photography conference.  Looking forward to returning full of new and exciting ideas!  Until then. . .

  a day in the woods February 9, 2009   

Love, love, LOVED working with this family!  They were just awesome–and up for anything!  I am always a bit nervous with winter shoots because you never know if the weather is going to cooperate!  Fortunately, it did!!  It was a bit muddy, but one of the most beautiful days we’ve had so far this year!  I really love taking photos in the woods during the winter–all of the bare tree skeletons make a beautiful back drop!

Beautiful mama, beautiful baby. . .

This little guys was the cutest and as sweet as they come!

And same with his little sis–and talk about blue eyes!!!

Snack break!

Love this shot.

Can’t forget the details–I love my details!

Love this family shot!

Another fun shot and perspective.

Sweet little miss with a rockin’ outfit!

This was a great way to begin my new shooting season!  I am looking forward to many more awesome shoots this year!  Be back soon!

  sneaky peeky!    

More to come soon of this beautiful family. . .

  schedule filling up fast!!! February 6, 2009   

I just wanted to encourage anyone hoping for a session anytime from March – June to book soon.  My schedule is filling up VERY fast, and I hate, HATE turning people away!  As of now all Saturdays for May are already booked!  I am slowly coming out of my winter hibernation and will be posting more images in the next few weeks!  Make sure to get out side and enjoy this beautiful weather we will be having this weekend!!