happy, happy new year!!! December 31, 2008   

Ahhh…a fresh start–or at least that is how it seems to me this year!  I’ve never been one of those people to really see it that way, but 2008 has been one doozy of a year for my family and I!  I don’t always share all of my personal business on this blog–because it is typically used to show my latest work and talk about all of my wonderful sessions with my clients.  However, I am entitled occasionally–right? 

This has been a tough year, a year of cancer, loss of a business (not mine), deaths, illness, a very, very bad car accident, a lot of bad news about people we care about and love, a lot of unknowns, A LOT of stress, and a lot of loss, and frustration.  It has been a year where we would just finish dealing with one problem and then go on to deal with the next –with little or no break in between.  So in a lot of ways I am really happy to say good bye to this year and start a new one!  I am not stupid, I know life will always have it’s challenges and valleys, but I really hope I don’t have to deal with another year like this again! 

HOWEVER, with all that being said, I do want to recognize the positives that have come out of this year–I have grown so much in faith, love and appreciation.  I have had a wonderful second year of homeschooling and bonding with my children.  I have celebrated 14 years of marriage with my wonderful husband.  I have seen the value and frailty of human life. And, I have met SO many wonderful clients and have had a very successful year with my business!

So . . . with all that being said–out with the old and in with the new!  I hope everyone has a wonderful, fabulous, fun, exciting new year full of love, peace, happiness and much meaning!  Happy 2009!


We will be at the beach until Jan 17th and will begin booking sessions as of now for Feb. 2009 and beyond.  I am really looking forward to the new year and am taking this time to rejuice and replenish my creativity–so I can be my best for the coming  year ahead.  Until then . . . I plan on playing with my kids, reading a few good books, taking lots of long walks on the beach with my family, exercising, exercising, exercising, watching some good tv, playing games, laughing a lot, taking naps. . . whew–I better stop blogging and get on it–I have a lot to accomplish before I get back to work!  Best wishes to all of you in the new year!  I look forward to seeing you in 2009!

  a different kind of christmas December 27, 2008   

I haven’t been around much lately. . . I know!  I’ve been so busy with the holidays and life! 

This year we decided to do something totally different for the holidays!  We decided to travel to rent a beach house–for a whole month!!  We’ve already been here a week–so technically, we only have 3 more.  But it has been the best possible thing we could do for us!  SO much fun! We spent  a very laid back, relaxed Christmas at our little beach house.  Our little Christmas tree was made up of strung popcorn and fruit loops, candy canes and shells we found on the beach.  It was very old school, very simple and very fun!  I kind of think we may have started a new tradition!  Take a look at our cute little tree:




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We also had a new little member join our family for the holidays!  Our little elf on the shelf–whom we’ve named “Sprinkle”.  This was such a fun new little tradition–my son, especially, just loved looking for the elf each morning!  Isn’t he a cute little fella?



 Candy cane tongues!

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Candy cane lips!  I promise–not lipstick!



Decorating our cake.


We have a tradition of eating birthday cake for breakfast on Christmas morning to recognize the true meaning of Christmas.  


Yum!  Don’t you want a bite??  I think the candy and sprinkles doubled the weight of the cake!


Here are a few beach shots.  I am really trying to take this time to focus on capturing my own kids.  Love this shot of all three of my babies!


This little guys melts my heart every single time I look into those eyes!



LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot of all of the their feet!  So cute!



Not my favorite photo of either of them–but his crossed eyes crack me up!


So sweet!


A few random shots. . .





Love this shot of my sweet (very difficult to get good photos of) girl!

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Thanks for taking the time to look at some photos of my little family and life.  I will be posting more of our beach adventures while we are here.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!  Be back soon with more to share!

  merry christmas! December 22, 2008   

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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  sweetie pie December 16, 2008   

This little sweetheart was so fun to photograph!  She wants to be a model–so she was very cooperative and eager to do every thing I asked.  Quite a change from chasing 1 and 2 year olds around!  As you can see, the camera loves this beautiful girl–and not only is she beautiful on the outside, but the inside too!




Love, love, LOVE this shot!  I’ve been wanting to do something with the magazine stands downtown for a while!


Another favorite!



Love this shot too–the leaves, her eyes, and her awesome gold uggs!  I didn’t even know they made gold uggs! 


So sweet and innocent!


It’s so funny. . . with every first time client, you can always tell the first shots from the last.  This was one of the last shots, and she had really gotten into her groove and was feeling pretty comfy with me.  What’s even more amazing is it was absolutely FREEZING out and you can’t even tell–she was such a trooper!


I hope everyone is enjoying this festive time of year!  I am going to try to attempt my second shot of getting a Christmas photo for our card tomorrow!  Yes, the photographer who can capture everyone else, can’t seem to get one good shot of her own two kids–ugh!  If I fail tomorrow–I guess a Target card will have to do! 

  happy birthday to you! December 15, 2008   

Sometimes I get called to capture large groups of people–usually families getting together  to celebrate a special event.  This was the case with this beautiful family!  The beautiful lady in the lavender sweater was celebrating a very special birthday!  What a great way to celebrate!  It was FREEZING this particular day–but everyone was a trooper!  These ladies are also the owners of the Meander Inn– a BEAUTIFUL inn outside of Charlottesville. 

Alright on to some photos–it was hard to choose with so many different combinations of folks!


The newest four legged family member at the Meander Inn. . .


Beautiful couple. . .


Beautiful couple with beautiful baby. . .


Handsome big brother. . .


Another sweet couple–love here blue eyes and red hair–beautiful combonation!




Staying cozy in the warm weather!


The men. . .http://www.andreashirey.com/blog/wp-content/images/kar_7blog.jpg

Love this shot of the three generations–so fun!


Look at all the love that little one is getting!  Aren’t his boots cute!


Can you tell who was the clown of the group?????  Such a fun shot!


It was a lot fun–Hope you had a fabulous birthday!  Thanks for letting me help you celebrate such a special day!

  2 little beauties December 8, 2008   

I could take picture of these little cuties all day long!  They are not only  GORGEOUS children, but so stinkin’ sweet!  This first photo is my absolute favorite–if they were mine–I’d be getting this pretty big for my wall!  I’ve had this idea for a while, and it seemed like a great time to try it since it was FREEZING when we did these photos!


So, so, so sweet!



Look at those eyes–simply stunning!  I LOVE hoods and hats during the winter–they add a lot of character to a photo!


Again, just stunning!



LOVE this shot!


It was so cold when we took this shot–but it turned out beautifully!  So simple and stunning!


This is another favorite–so cute!




That’s all for now.  I’ll be back with more soon.  Things are beginning to wind down–so posts will slow a bit in the next month.  We will actually be taking a month long vacation–much needed!  So, the blog may have more personal photos on it for a while–but I promise to keep it fun!

  jamie and erik part 2 December 4, 2008   

Okay, so here is part two!  Just the couple this time.  But first, one important detal I left out of the last post:





One of my favorites:




I always like to try something a little different–kind of fun!




I love catching couples being real.  This is when I get some of my best photo–when they forget I’m there!



Another favorite:  Aren’t her eyes just beautiful!


Hope you’ve enjoyed–that’s all for now!

  jamie and erik part 1 December 3, 2008   

 Well, first of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are enjoying this magical time of year with your family and friends!  I am TRYING to, but things are pretty busy right now!  But, that’s a good thing! 

Aside from a lot of travel, yummy food and friends and family, I was also honored to photograph a wedding over Thanksgiving!  It was a loooooooooooong drive to Texas, but worth it!  I’ve decided to make it a two parter, as I have SO many I want to share!

First, the details:

The beautiful dress. . .



The boquet. . .



Getting ready. . .


The boys. . .

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Too cute!


The girls. . .



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The handsome groom. . .



And finally, the stunning bride. . .



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That’s all for now. . .stay tuned for part 2.  Jamie and Erik, I wish you the very best!