farm fun! November 18, 2008   

This is a recent maternity session I shot.  I truly enjoyed getting to know this sweet couple!  It is so fun to meet expecting first time parents–so much excitement and wonder!  We were lucky to shoot on a beautiful farm on a very early, crisp morning!

We can forget to introduce you to their “first baby!”  Such a sweetie!

Not exactly sure what to think of the horses.

So sweet–love how they are even sort of holding hands!

Talk about a beautiful mama!

This next image is a very special, personal image.  But I just had to share it–I did not get permission to share the story, so we’ll just keep it at the photo–but trust me, it’s a real tearjerker!  I am so happy I was able to help create something so special for this mom and baby!

Love, love, love this shot!  Just beautiful!

Another favorite from the session–so intimate!  These are the images I strive for!

Well, that is the end for now.  Will be blogging more soon–so stay tuned!

  love this family November 13, 2008   

Somebody is turning one very soon!!  So what a great way to celebrate–right?  Well, the balloons lasted for all of five minutes, before floating away–and no, the baby did not let them go–right dad!  Ha Ha!  At least we got one or two good shots!

This is such a wonderful family to work with!  I love working with return clients–they know me better and don’t just think I am a crazy woman with a camera!!  We got some great field shots. . . take a look!

beautiful mom, beautiful baby!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot!!!

Such a nice looking couple–with great style!

I love this shot!

Mom also wanted a few Christmas shots!

Learning to share at such a young age!

My other favorite shot from the session!  So beautiful!!!

Alrighty, gotta run out the door!  Have a good one!

  double my fun! November 7, 2008   

These little guys just make me smile!  They are so darn funny–and so stinkn’ cute!!  I first had the pleasure of photographing them back in February, when they turned one!  This time was a little bit busier–as they have now learned not only how to walk, but run–and they never seemed to be wanting to go in the same direction!!  I love this shot below–the funny part is to keep them sitting down, we had 5, yes 5, people behind me acting all sorts of silly and crazy–AND we had the give them lollipops!  But hey, it was SO worth it!!!


Just love this shot too!

And this is definitely a keeper!!

Had to get a shot of their shoes–ADORABLE!!!

And a wonderful family shot!  Aren’t they such a sweet family!!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I sure am going to try!!

  gift certificates November 5, 2008   

I know everyone is beginning to shop for the “perfect” gifts for family and friends.  I just want to remind everyone that we do offer gift certificates–and they make FABULOUS gifts.  I’ve had sooo many men buy their wives maternity or family sessions for Christmas–or grown children buying them for their parents as gifts.  They truly do make the perfect gift!  If you are interested in giving your loved ones a 2009 photo session, please email or call, and we’ll get one out to you!  And, because photos make posts so much more exciting here is one that I just love– 

  beautiful family November 4, 2008   

Another fun family shoot to share!  I love this first photo–just great–especially the little girl’s expression!


These two cuties were so sweet and funny!

And yes, not to mention, both very beautiful!

This next shot is one of my favorites from the whole shoot–every mommy should have a photo like this with her little boy!

A fun family shot in front of their fabulous sculpture!

Love catching these little moments!

And yes, we had to get a few of just mom and dad.  Gorgeous couple!!!

Love this shot!

It was great fun!  I’ll be back soon with more to share!

  halloween fun November 3, 2008   

Here are a few of my sweeties from Halloween.  We had a great night–and I am now suffering from ODing on all of their yummy candy!  Hope everyone had fun!