another minisession October 31, 2008   

This is another holiday mini session I shot recently.   I couldn’t wait to get this little guy up on my blog!  Isn’t he just ADORABLE!!!  Look at those BLUE eyes!  The day we shot it was pretty breezy and chilly–he was such a little trooper.  We got some great shots–take a look . . .

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!  I’ll be back with more to share next weeks–as I have another weekend full of shoots!

  minisession mania! October 29, 2008   

Here are a few favorites of some recent mini sessions I did here in Charlottesville! More to come!

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So much fun!  Can’t wait to see which one they choose for their holiday cards!

  wrapped around her finger October 28, 2008   

Yep!  That’s exactly the way it is!  This adorable little munchkin has every single one of her big brothers wrapped around her adorable pink painted finger!  Once you see her–it’s quite obvious why!  She is just adorable!  This family was so fun to work with–beautiful, sweet, and so much fun.  I just love big families!

And we can’t leave out her four handsome heros!

The whole gang!

LOVE this shot!

Love the pink toenails in between all the big boy feet!

Can you tell how much she loves hanging out with all the boys!

We attempted a few tutu shots at the end–but it was pretty cold.  We got couple though!

Of course, we can’t leave out the two beautiful people responsible for all this cuties! Such a nice looking couple!

And one more favorite–this little guy reminded me of my little guy!  This shot just makes me smile!

  brown chicken brown cow    

Some body’s engaged!

 Yup!  This lovely couple will be getting married this May!  I am the lucky photographer getting to photograph it, and I can’t wait!  With most couples, I like to work with them before the wedding so they have an idea of my style of shooting and my personality!  Engagement sessions are a perfect opportunity for this!  They were so much fun–and totally up for anything!  Oh, and by the way, the if you were wondering about the title of this post–keep on wondering.   It’s just a little private joke for the couple–and that’s all I have to say about that!

Love this shot!  So cute and real!

Won’t she be a stunning bride!

Love this shot–very handsome!

Another great shot!  We had to do a little climbing and trespassing (shhh!) but well worth it!  My husband is so worried that I am going to call him from jail one day with all my little trespassing adventures–but hey, anything to get a great shot!


Then we headed into downtown DC.  Loving her boots!!!

A favorite shot of mine!

I think this is my favorite of the whole shoot–perfect!

Do you see why men usually love my engagement/couples sessions?

Guys, I had a ball getting to know you!  Looking forward to your wedding!

  little miss personality October 27, 2008   

This was one of my Maryland sessions a couple weeks back.  This was my second time working with this family–once again it was a pleasure!  Wonderful family–great parents–and this little munchkin below is an absolute doll and FULL of personality and independence!  We came across this fabulous old white barn–made for a perfect backdrop!

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Cuddles with daddy. . .

and mommy.

I just LOVE this shot!  So genuine and real–and the colors are great too!

Mom and dad even managed to get a few in by themselves!

Another favorite shot!

Group hug!!

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A quick wardrobe change, and we then did a few in the well known red chair!  Look at those beautiful blue eyes! 

I may be retiring this chair as of this year–I am on the lookout for something new and different!  If anyone has any fabulous ideas out there, let me know!

  little man    

Before I write anything about this photo session, I really need to appologize for being MIA for the last week!  I’ve had every intention of posting before this, but it has been SOOO busy!  Aside from being crazy busy with photo sessions and editing, I have also had company, and celebrated my little guy’s 6th birthday and been dealing with a little sickie!  So, I will be posting TONS this week!  If you are a family waiting to see your beautiful faces appear on my blog–be just a little more patient–and keep hitting that refresh button! 

Now, onto this session!  As you can see from the first  shot at the National Cathedral–soo beautiful!!  I would love to do more there–so if anyone is up to it this spring, give me a ring! 

I first met this family a year ago, when this little guy was just a tiny, little baby!  He has changed so much in a year!  He is so expressive with his expressions–he reminds me so much of a little man! It is so bittersweet going back and seeing repeat clients–I love seeing how much they’ve grown and changed, but it makes me a little sad as it really reminds me how fast kids really do grow up! 

Isn’t he a cutie!

Peek a boo!

Love this close ups!

This shot is my absolute favorite!  I just love his little expression and beautiful eyes–perfection!

A couple of great family shots!

I’ll be back very soon with more–I PROMISE!!!  Have a great day!

  sweet couple October 16, 2008   

Ah, this couple was just so nice and easy going–and beautiful too!  I really enjoyed working with these guys!  We started out on the campus of UVA for a few shots. . .

Then we did a little switchy switch and got a bit dressed up and headed down town!  Clean up well–don’t they!  This is one of my favorite shots from the shoot!

Another favorite.  Totally untraditional–and thats why I love it!

Yes, another favorite–isn’t she beautiful!  And I just love how he’s looking down at here–so sweet!

Very intimate and mysterious!

Very hot!

Lastly, another favorite of mine.  We had to be a little bit naughty and tresspass–but it was worth it!

Well, I hope everyone has a fabulous fall weekend.  I’ll be in DC until Monday–workin’, workin’, workin’.  I’ll have PLENTY to share next week!

  oh my goodness! October 15, 2008   

There were are just so many awesome shots with this beautiful family–that I had a VERY hard time choosing what to share!  So. . . I chose a lot!  Can you blame me?

This is one of my favorites from the shoot–isn’t he just a stunning child?  I love his dark blue eyes!

Another favorite!  Love his expression– So innocent!

This little one is just plain adorable and SO sweet!  His beautiful brown eyes and cute little pout are sure to melt just about any one’s heart!

And of course, we can’t forget this little gum drop!  Her little belly button just cracks me up!

Another favorite from the session. . .

Hanging out with mom. . .


And Dad. . .

As always, it was a pleasure!  I will have more to share soon! 


  just had to post this October 13, 2008   

I am in the middle of proofing this beautiful family’s photos and am having so much fun!  I am planning to post many of the photos tomorrow, but just couldn’t wait to post this one!  Isn’t he just scrumptious!  I love this photo–the colors, his little green rain boots on the wrong feet, his adorable expression and gorgeous brown eyes–just couldn’t wait! 

We do have a few more openings for mini sessions on the 27th–call SOON if interested.  Right now I am off to read to my kiddos–will be back with more to share tomorrow!  Have a good night!

  Ho, Ho, Ho. . . October 3, 2008   

Okay, so they are finally ready!  It has taken me a little longer than planned to get my card templates posted–I have SO many to choose from this year that it took a while to get them ready!  I tried really hard to get a little of everything this year–modern, classic, simple, fun, retro and I am SO excited with the collections I have!  Take a look at a few favorites below–All or these, plus, several more can be found at my website–go to “holiday” in the menu bar and then enter the password “holiday” to view all of the templates and listen to one of my favorite holiday songs–if nothing else, it’ll get you in the mood for the holidays!!  It also has all the pricing info and ordering deadlines there as well!  Enjoy!

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