brides wanted!! September 27, 2008   

I am working on a new project–and are in need of some beautiful, smokin’ hot brides!  Interested????  Here’s the deal:

I am looking for  2 or 3 different models to help me out with this project with in the next five months.  They must be willing to give us full creative control–ie. we will not be shooting typical bridal shots–but instead unique, fun, and glamorous shots!  Each girl must possess a wedding dress, veil, and shoes– we will furnish any other props needed.  Each girl must be willing to have FUN!!!

What do you get in return?  How ’bout ALL of th digital images and your choice of 1 — 11×14 print!  This is a fabulous opportunity to get some AMAZING bridal shots!!  Please call or email if interested–as this opportunity will not last!

  scheduling updates. . .    

Alrighty, so we are pretty much booked through the rest of 2008! 

If you are still hoping to get a fall session in, call me and I will try my hardest to find one or two more days!  

Maternity/Newborn sessions are always the exception, we will always try to find time for you–so please call us soon with your due dates so we can get something on the calendar.

Mini Session are still open.  Dates still Available are October 13th and October 20th.  Please call or email to find out what 30 minute time slots are still available.  Reminder, these are for two children or less.

All clients who are hoping to order prints for Christmas or Christmas cards–ALL orders must be placed by November 16.  This will allow us plenty of time to get everything designed, ordered and shipped out.

Christmas card designs will be posted soon–very excited about all the awesome designs we are offering this year!

Now, because I hate to post without a photo, here is a favorite from a recent session with little twins!  I’ll have more to share from this family soon!  Have a great weekend everyone!

  always a pleasure September 24, 2008   

Four beautiful children! 

I always have a great time with these guys!  We had a beautiful setting to work in, and mom has AMAZING style!  She is the owner of Petit Bebe, which if you haven’t been, is the BEST place in town to buy adorable baby/children’s clothing and the latest in maternity wear!

First, a couple of group shots for mom–always a challenge with so many kiddos!

Now a few individual shots–they all have such beautiful eyes!

I love this one–it’s just perfect for his little personality!

another favorite. . .isn’t she just little doll!

This little guy is just stunning–love this shot!

And now for a little bit of action. . .

We had a ball!  I’ll have more to share soon–but it might take me a little while as we’re dealing with the CHICKEN POX!!!!!

  little beauties September 23, 2008   

I have had the pleasure of working with this family on three different occasions.  All three times have been fun!  These two little girls are about as cute as they come–actually stunningly beautiful!  Both have gorgeous eyes, beautiful skin and adorable pouty lips–Mom and dad are DEFINITELY in trouble in about 10-12 years! 

So, we started out at a shopping center of all places–a very nice scenic one.  I was  a little nervous, but it actually worked out quite well!

Beautiful eyelashes. . .

This is one of my favorite shots from the session!

I just love their curls!

a little fun with mom and dad. . .

splashing in the fountain. . .

Mom and dad–see why they are so beautiful?!

A couple of close ups. . .

And last but not least!  Their dad was actually talking like Donald Duck–and he’s really good at it–even I was laughing!

That’s all for now.  Have a good night!

  cuter every year September 20, 2008   

Whew!  Well it has been a CRAZY few weeks for us, but I am starting to see some sort of normal coming back!  I have missed posting on my blog and am very happy to be starting back into a groove. 

I couldn’t think of a better way to start back than with this little cutie. . .who happens to be my niece!  She is always so fun to photograph!  Mom and Dad have great style and are willing to go to great lengths to get awesome photos.  And some awesome photos we got–take a look!

You just can’t go wrong with tutus and rain boots on little girls!  This is a fabulous and fun idea for all of you who are wanting to do some fun photos with your little girl!

Love this shot!

Her mom and dad found these awesome doors in downtown Charlotte–perfect backdrop!

A little Christmas. . .

Love how these next few came out–just adorable!

Many, many more to choose from–these are just some of my favorites!  Be back soon with more to share!

  well. . .that sort of sucked! September 7, 2008   

So, I’m back. 

Yup, mandatory evacuation from hurricane Ike forced us to leave Thursday! 

“Turks and Caicos–where is that?”  Was the response I received when I told folks that that was where we were headed for vacation.  Well, if you’ve watched the weather channel at all with in the past week–you probably known where it is now!  If not, it’s the little island just south — south east of the Bahamas where hurricane Hanna sat for 3 days as a category one hurricane–and now has been BADLY beaten up as hurricane Ike traveled directly over it as a category 4! 

We endured LOTS of rain, wind, flooding from Hanna. . .but nothing like what Ike is bringing to those poor people now.  My heart just breaks for those residents left there to bare the monster of a storm.  Please say a prayer for them.

I am now in Charlotte shooting for the week.  I will be checking email and voice mail daily.  I will have a few shots to share from our vacation soon–most of them covering our rapid homage home–and the INSANE airport as we, and 5 million others desperately tried to escape Ike.