someone is going to be a big brother! June 29, 2008   

Yup! This little guy!!

I had a wonderful maternity session with these repeat clients! We started out with the whole fam, and then left the boys for some girly baby bump shots!

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Mom had some awesome maternity style! These shirts are so fun!

And talk about sexy! Whoever thinks pregnancy isn’t sexy and beautiful needs to take a look! There was some serious pregnancy hottness going on!

We had beautiful lighting!

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These next few shots are some of my favorites–so serene, calm and beautiful! I just knew as I was taking them that they would be FABULOUS!

That’s all for now! I will hopefully be back sometime this week with one more post before my 4th of July fun starts!

  teeny tiny June 26, 2008   

Here is another session of a tiny one.  Isn’t she just beautiful??

Big yawn.

I’ve had this wooden container for a while, but forgot about it–I’d been using it as decor in my house.  It is perfect for fitting a little newbie in!  Mom’s favorite flowers are daisies–so I thought it’d be fun to try and incorporate some!

Tiny little toes.

Beautiful baby.  Beautiful mommy.

Mom and dad said this is how she sleeps all the time–with her legs crossed–too cute!


I LOVE this family shot–so soft and sweet!

Lastly, her mom suggested this–and I love how it turned out!  I love it when clients have great ideas!

I will be back soon with my post from my Maryland session!  Have a super day!

  sweet little one June 21, 2008   

Don’t have a lot of time right not–headed up to Md for some sessions, but I really wanted to get this little peanut on my blog before I leave! I absolutely love this first shot–here red hair and beautiful pink lips–with the flowers! She was an absolute sweetheart!

Gorgeous blue eyes too!

Another favorite!

I love these little socks! I’d seen them before, but never on! Functionality and style–I tell ya!!

Gettin’ a little mom and dad sugar!

Last but not least, one of the couples other babies–this little guy is sick, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers–it doesn’t matter if it’s an animal or person, when someone you love is sick, it is so hard! My heart goes out to these folks–I am so glad we were able to capture some great shots of this beautiful guy!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend–I’ll be back next week with some beautiful newborn shots–and other great stuff from my Maryland shoots!

  too many favorites June 18, 2008   

This was a session from last week when it was blazing hot!  But somehow, we managed to get some fabulous photos–this little guy’s mom and I were dripping with sweat by the end of the session, but it was worth it!  Check it out. . .

Look at his beautiful little eyes!

This family had the most amazing taste in decor!  This was taken on their dining room table–underneath a very funky chandelier.

A little lovin’ with mom. . .

Playing with dad. . .

I love this family shot!

The little guy fell fast asleep on us–so we just changed our plans and took some sleeping baby shots.  I love this shot!

Another favorite. . .

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I’ll have more to share in a few days–very busy week! 

  bun in the oven June 16, 2008   

I felt honored that this couple traveled all the way from Maryland for me to photograph their baby bump!  They will soon be welcoming their first little one in to the world–and I got to spend some time capturing some great moments between them! 

We started on the downtown mall and got some great shots!

Then we went to a more natural area and got some great shots in a more country setting. . .

There was a little smoochin’ going on–encouraged by me!  I tell ya, husbands usually LOVE my sessions because I ask them to kiss on their wives so much!!

Thanks you guys!  I had a great time hanging out with you both–can’t wait to meet the new little one in a few weeks!

That’s all for now. . . I will hopefully have more to share later this week–between some very frustrating internet problems and a very busy schedule–I will do my best!

  happy, happy father’s day! June 14, 2008   

This post is for all the dad’s out there–including my hubby, dad, and father-in-law!  Just wanted to wish you all a great Father’s Day!  This photo is from a recent session–I thought it was perfect for a Father’s Day post!  Have a fabulous day!

  to all my maternity/newborn clients. . . June 13, 2008   

I have just been contacted by an editor for a maternity magazine wanting to use maternity and newborn images from my shoots with YOU!  Yes, you all know who you are–you HOT mommas!!  They are also looking for clients who may  be interested in sharing their maternity/new baby story.  If you are, email and let me know.  I will try to be in touch with each one of you in the next few days.  Have a good one!

  hot day, hot bride! June 8, 2008   

So I have to be honest here–though I’ve been photographing for while now–it has always been babies, children, maternity, couples–no brides or weddings until yesterday! This was my first bridal shoot–and to be honest, I was very nervous! I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to capture amazing images for this beautiful, sweet bride. She was such a trooper–the temperature hit right around 100 degrees, but you’d never know by looking at her! I have to say I am so pleased with how these came out! Of course, it helps that she is absolutely stunning! I also, am not the posed, formal photographer–and typically bridal shots can be posed and stiff. I was trying for something modern, young and full of life! Let me know what you think!

I think this is one of my favorites from the shoot. . .

Experimenting with some sun flare–love how this one came out!

Isn’t she going to be a beautiful bride!

  a very special post June 5, 2008   

Well okay, all of my posts are special, because I get to photograph amazing moments for amazing people!  However, this post has more of a special meaning because the little angel below will be having her second open heart surgery in just a couple short weeks.  She has a condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome .  Because I am in no way an expert on this subject, there is a link above for anyone who would like to learn more about this condition.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayer these next few weeks.

So now on to these two little beauties.  Hunker down because I have way too many favorites!  We shot all of these on the campus of UVA.

Here’s her sister!  Aren’t they just adorable!!

 I wasn’t sure how they would work in a basket, but it worked so well!  I love how you can just see their little eyes and noses!

Gettin’ some lovin’ from dad!

. . . and mom!

Both twins fell asleep during the session.  I love when that happens!  We got some awesome sleeping baby shots!


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This is one of my favorites!  I wish I had a shot of me with my kids like this!

A few nontraditional family shots. . .

 I truly enjoyed my time with this family!  They had such a great connection with their little ones!  I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!   I will be back soon with some HOT bridal shots!!

  cutie pies June 3, 2008   

I got to spend the early Saturday morning hours with these two little adorable munchkins last weekend. This little guy was so delicious, I could have eaten him right up!

Look at his little squishy cheeks!

I couldn’t resist capturing his baby toes!

His beautiful big sis. . .

She was a busy little one–but by the end she was tuckered out! The end shots are usually my favorites of most shoots! Isn’t she just stunning in this photo??

Another shot toward the end–cuddles with mom.

Little man was tuckered out too! We were able to get some great sleeping baby shots! I’ll be back soon with more to share! Have a good one!