My last newborn shoot. . . April 26, 2008   

. . . for the month of April that is !

(Caution: you may not want to look, because these just might make you want to have another little baby!)

Remember this little booties?
Well they are now being filled by this sweet little angel!

See what I mean by the caution above! Isn’t he just a doll! He was so good his entire shoot–even when he was awake he barely even fussed! Baby toes!
Gettin‘ some lovin‘ from his proud momma! Very proud pappa too!
Sweet little family!
Congratulations you guys, he is just gorgeous!
On another note, my schedule is booking into August–so if you have a particular date you are looking for call soon to make sure you get it!
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!
  Maternity/Newborn Slideshow April 24, 2008   

  No. . . this is not an engagement session! April 22, 2008   

I wanted to go ahead and get that said, because I am sure you will be wondering if this an engagement session for this beautiful couple. Actually, they have been married for 7 or 8 years (can’t remember exactly!) For Valentine’s Day this year this husband purchased a package for a couple’s session for him and his beautiful wife! THEN . . . they request to have their session done at the Clifton Inn–and he books a night there for her birthday! I tell ya–he is a good guy! Aren’t they a beautiful couple!! (click each image to see larger) This is a view from their very cool room–I was shooting in the bushes from below! We did a lot of laughing. . . There was beautiful scenery everywhere!

Love this shot!

Had to get some feet!

Another favorite!

Hmmm. . . what do you think is on his mind?

Guys, I had a great time with you! Thanks for being so flexible and fun!

On a side note, if you are a couple–no matter how long you’ve been together, you should consider doing something like this–whether it is with me or another photographer of your choice–just do it! When was the last time just the two of you had beautiful photographs taken to capture you passion and love?

  A personal note. . . April 20, 2008   

Hmmm…where to begin! Even as as I sit here typing this, I am not sure if I should. In some ways I am an open book with people–I love joking with and laughing with my clients–learning about them and sharing a little about me during my shoots–but in other ways, I am a pretty private person! This blog is mainly used for my business, to show my clients and their families a peek at their session before I have all of their photos edited and ready for viewing. But there are times I feel I should share whats going on in my life as well and this is one of those times.

The past few years have been very challenging for my family. Full of a lot of changes–some good–some not so good. 2008 has been especially tough–I won’t share everything that has been going on in my life, but suffice it to say I have been down on my knees having conversations with God more in the four short months of 2008 than all of 2007! The latest news that has rocked my world is that my 31 year old brother has cancer. My family and I have had many emotional days trying to make sense out of why this is happening–but it just doesn’t make sense! Does cancer ever make sense??? He has many people praying for him–and we have had some encouraging news! But he still has a very serious surgery and a lot of recovering and difficult months ahead. If you have a second during your busy day, please say a prayer for him, his wife and their little girl–whom you see A LOT of on my website! They would really appreciate it!

I have always wanted to use my photography to give back–and since all of this has happened, it has made me really think. Think about all of the people in this world who are suffering with cancer or another horrible disease–some may loose parts of their body, some their hair, and some will even lose their lives. It breaks my heart–and I would like to make a difference (tiny as it may be in this HUGE world) for some of these people. I can’t cure their illness or take their pain away, but I CAN help capture special moments for them between them and their loved ones! With medical bills, Dr. appointments, and I am sure many other distractions, photos may be the furthest thing from their mind and not afforded by their budget.

Because, I am only one person–and I have a family to support and spend time with, I can only offer this on a limited basis, but I would like to begin offering complimentary sessions and albums for people who find themselves in a terminal or severely ill situation–it may be a child dealing with leukemia, a mother who is dealing with breast cancer knowing she may lose her hair due to chemo, or a father dealing with a debilitating illness. I want to help them capture memories with their family. I am not doing this for any other purpose other than wanting to help. If you know of a family in the Charlottesville area, or if you are a family in the Charlottesville area that this pertains to and are interested, please call 434.823.1531 — I would love to talk with you.

  As promised. . . April 17, 2008   

Remember this baby bump?? Well, here is the little guy behind the bump!

I think you’ll agree he is a doll!
This cradle is a family heirloom–very cool!
Some mommy/daddy shots. . .
Family shots–doesn’t mom has beautiful eyes!

Congratulations you guys! He is beautiful, and it was an honor to take his first professional photographs!

  Another little peanut. . . April 16, 2008   

more to come from this session–check back soon!

  Maternity/Newborn Slideshow April 14, 2008   

Here’s a slide show of my latest maternity/newborn session. It may take a minute to load, but it’s worth it! Enjoy!

  Sweet Little Family April 10, 2008   

As usual, I just can’t wait to blog about my session! I shot these today and, since I haven’t had anything new up this week due to some personal things going on in my life, I really was anxious to get them up! And, as usual, I was just going to blog a few, but just couldn’t choose! This is still just a handful! If you scroll down a post or two, this lovely couple was just featured for maternity shots–luckily we got them done JUST in time! Baby came the next night!

big picture
This is one of my favorites–love the expression and the light!

Isn’t he just adorable!

Another favorite!

Safe in dad’s arms. . .

and mom’s too!

And we couldn’t leave out big brother!

I had a wonderful time with you all! You have a beautiful baby!! Congrats!

  Out of Town April 2, 2008   

I will be out of town from Thursday April 3 – Sunday April 6. I will return all emails and calls upon my return. To all of my expecting moms–I will be checking my voice mail regularly, so keep me posted on the arrival of those new little ones! Look for lots of posts this month–it’s gonna get CRAZY!!!! Have a great weekend!