Another . . . March 31, 2008   

. . . glowing, beautiful mommy to be! Love the lighting in this one!

This is one of my personal faves–I love seeing a husband so enamoured by his pregnant wife! I love capturing that passion! I love my job!
Couldn’t leave out the “first” baby!! So sweet!
A few belly shots . . .
Again . . . can’t you just tell how in love they are!

I had a great time with you guys and can’t wait to come back and photograph your new little one! Keep me posted!

  Happy Spring! March 29, 2008   

Hi everyone. Just back from a great maternity shoot–and thought this was a very appropriate photo to wish everyone a happy spring! Hope everyone is out enjoying the great weather! I’ll have more posted from this wonderful shoot sometime this week, so stay tuned!

  Playing around. . . March 27, 2008   

The other day a friend and I and our gaggle of children decided to wander around the UVA campus and take some photos for the fun of it. I still am not very familiar with UVA–so this was a great opportunity to get acquainted with it and learn of some beautiful locations–with rich texture and color. Without further explanation, here’s a few of what I got . . .

Have a great rest of your day!


Just wanted to give a little schedule update. . .things are filling up very fast! I have one Saturday still available in May and all Saturdays in June are booked–July and August are beginning too book as well. Please call soon to reserve your session. All sessions are booked on a first come first serve basis.

And just because I hate posting without a photo–here’s another from a recent maternity session. Have great day!

  Adorable! March 24, 2008   

I had the priviledge of photographing these adorable children last week! They were so fun! Each of them were so full of personality and life–not to mention absolutely beautiful!! *MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON EACH ONE TO SEE IT LARGER* Littlest . . . Medium . . .

Biggest . . . I couldn’t resist posting this one–totally cracks me up!Beautiful mom with beautiful baby . . .

Sweet little guys!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!
  Double Whammy! March 21, 2008   

About a week ago I published a few photos of some adorable twins I photographed–these little guys were so cute! I have been considering some slide show software that would enable me to show slideshows on my blog–so here is the first one! I am still trying to figure out the music thing, as I am not crazy about the music selection. Anyway, here is a slide show of their session. . .Enjoy!

  Filling up!! March 20, 2008   

Just a short note–If you are hoping to book a session any time this spring or summer–it is best to go ahead and do it soon. We are booking up pretty fast with this beautiful warm weather. As of now, I have only a few sessions open in April, May and June. So give me a call!

  Bun in the Oven! March 16, 2008   

So I had to drag my butt out of bed pretty early for this shoot–but as you will see it was well worth it! The lighing was just beautiful! This first shot is one of my favorites–love the sun flare. I’ve been seeing it used a lot more in advertising lately–in a lot of the trendier catalogs. I love the feeling it gives–takes me back to warm summer days of childhood every time I see a shot with some sun flare! I love how glamorous this shot is–proof that pregnant women can be stunning and glamorous! This couple already has two other babies–I think they’ll make great big sisters!

Beautiful mom to be!
Doting dad to be!
This is another favorite.
I LOVE the fact that this momma to be was willing to be a little daring with her wardrobe! We had so much fun with her cute clothes–this shirt was awesome–aren’t they a beautiful couple??

Last, but not least. . .

Again, I had a hard time choosing what to share–so many great ones! I had a great time with you guys and hope you love the results! Can’t wait to meet your new little one!

  Guess who’s turning 1?? March 14, 2008   

Okay, I seriously had a VERY hard time choosing which ones to post–these little guys were so cute! So this is just a sampling of a nice fat gallery! *MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON EACH ONE TO SEE IT LARGER! Very loved by mom and

Their parents had wonderful taste in clothing! Such cute little shirts!Love these next two–The expression, the lighting the background–just perfect! I especially love how the sunlight lights up their little sprouts of sweet baby hair!
Sweet family shot! They had the cutest sweaters–got some cute shots from the front, but really loved this one from the back.
Red Sox fans!!
This is one of my favorites from the whole shoot–I just love the realness and simplicity of it!
Another fave.
And another–cracks me up!

I had so much fun with this shoot–such good little guys! Mom and dad are very lucky!

That’s all for now–have a great weekend!

  Let’s get together!! March 13, 2008   

Alright, so this is a post for the other professional photographers out there! I would love to get to know some of you a little better and just hang out! Would any one be up for dinner? If so, email me at . If your up for it, just let me know dates that absolutely don’t work for you and I’ll find a location–and hopefully a date that works for everyone! Looking forward to hearing from you!

And, just because I hate posting without a photo, here’s another from my engagement session the other day!

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