Home Sweet Home! January 31, 2008   

Ahhh….. it is good to be home! I love going away, but it’s always nice to get back home! We visited Charleston, SC for 5 days–and pretty much just vegged out. I did get a few shots here and there. These first few are some night shots–a little different than normal. It is so beautiful there! There is so much history and so many rich textures–a dream place to shoot if you have some subjects–but mine were both hanging out with their grandparents. If you haven’t ever visited there–you really should– aside from the historical city–the food is AMAZING, great shopping and beautiful beaches! One of the main streets was lined with lit up palm trees like this.

Gorgeous, green, lush pathways all over the place! Perfect backdrops!
My husband posing in one of the beautiful alleyways–love the brick and iron!
Spanish moss everywhere!
And beautiful palm trees!
I love it so much there that I am going to try and get a few shoots down there–maybe some 2009 weddings as well! Have a wonderful Thursday!
  Technically still on vacation. . . January 30, 2008   

but, I have to admit, it wasn’t a total vacation–I took my computer and continued to check emails and a few of my favorite blogs. I also have been wanting to add a stat counter to my site and blog–but, it hasn’t been too high on my priority list. So, this week, that is one thing I did–it is SO cool! I’ve only had it up since Sunday night and have already had almost 100 hits on my site and close to 70 on my blog! I didn’t realize that many people checked my blog! I am able to see where people are from and I’ve had so many different states represented already! Thanks for checking in! We are heading home tomorrow, and I should hopefully have some photos of our little getaway posted soon after!

  See Ya! January 23, 2008   

I’m outta here for about a week. Taking a much needed mini vacation with my hubby. I will return all emails and phone calls upon my return.

  Snowdays! January 18, 2008   

Ahhhh…..snowdays! I just had to share this–my little guy running around the house in his undies snacking on cereal–all warm and cozy–meanwhile a blanket of snow is covering every thing outside. It totally takes me back to when I was a kid! Gotta love a snowday!

Okay, that’s it for real! See you next week!


Hats are always fun–especially during the bleak winter months! You can always add lots of personality to photos with some funky knitted hats or a great furry hood–coupled with the delicious winter sunlight and you’ve got yourself some great shots!

This little guys mom actually knitted his hat–as well as the ones above. She is super talented, and I hope to feature more of her work on my site and blog this year–so stay tuned.
I found the hat below at Petit Bebe–a great store in Cville. Definitely a place you should check out! They’ve got a lot more there than just cute hats!
Anyway, hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!
  Birth Announcements!!!!! January 14, 2008   

I am SO excited to be able to offer our new birth announcements! Our Christmas cards were a HUGE success this year–these announcements will be printed on the same beautiful linen stock. All templates are either 5×7 or 5×5. Text is completely customizable. Here is a taste of some of the choices! There are a lot more to choose from! I really wanted to have enough selection and choices to make everyone happy, and I totally feel like it was accomplished! There’s a little of everything to choose from–simple, modern, classic and striking. So here’s a little sneak peek! Enjoy!

*Want to see all of them?? Go to my website, click on “clients”, enter the password “baby”*

  Digital Image Packages (and 100th post!!) January 11, 2008   

After a lot of thought and consideration, I have decided to offer digital image packages as an alternative to ordering prints. I will still offer prints, albums, and canvases to those who would like to have that option–however, there are quite a few people out there who would prefer to have the digital images. As the control freak that I am–I understand and respect this choice and would like to make as many folks as I can happy. As the photographer that I am–it is important to me that people respect and are aware of the amount of time, energy, and creativity that I pour into each photo I create, proof and edit. So these packages will give clients, who want them, the full copyrights, but will still compensate me for all of my hard work–basically–they ain’t cheap–but very worth it!! If you are interested in viewing my new digital image packages click here , click on rates and scroll down a bit.

Now, this is also my 100th post! I wish it was a more exciting post–but, oh well. To celebrate my 100th post, I would LOVE to give away a gift certificate for one free Classic Session–Yes, I did say FREE! So, here’s the deal–be the first to email me and let me know you saw the offer on the post and you’ll get a gift certificate in the mail. This is a session for the surrounding Charlottesville area–so it is a $200 value. If you are in the DC/Maryland/Nova area, the $200 can be applied to your fee, if you are in the Richmond area, you will still need to pay the $50 travel fee. This cannot be applied to any sessions already booked, but it can be for another session through out the year as this gift certificate will be good though 10/2008. So email me!

Lastly, I am working on a line of birth announcements! So stay tuned sometime next week for a preview!

Have a great weekend! I am off to take in TWO movies(both chick flicks!)–all by myself!

  Bellies and Babies January 9, 2008   

Wow!! It must have been a HOT summer for a lot of you in 2007 because I am filling up FAST with maternity and newborn session for February-April! If you are interested in booking a maternity or newborn session for the next few months–don’t wait, because the slots are filling up! Please don’t wait till the last minute! Also, there’s only one Valentine’s slot left–so call if interested.

  What are you going to get him for Valentine’s Day?? January 8, 2008   

tI know, it a little early–I’ve always hated how stores begin pushing holidays so far in advance–and now here I am doing the same thing! But, with photography, you have to do things a little early in order to have them on time.

So have you thought about that answer to the question? What are you going to get him for VALENTINE’S DAY this year? Another pair of boxers, candy he won’t eat, a cliche stuffed animal that will end up at your next yard sale. . .I could go on, but I won’t! Why not *AMAZE* him this year with some hot, sexy, beautiful photos of you!!! I am not talking about eighties “Glamour shots”–I’m talking “jaw dropping, knock his socks off ” shots! Show him what he’s got! Can I get an Amen??!!

Interested???? Package is $450 and includes the session and 12-4×6 shots in a beautiful leather photo envelope–perfect for being tucked away in a private place. This is an awesome deal–and who knows if you’ll get this chance again! Call me soon if you are interested. Due to time sensitivity, there are only a few slots available. Trust me–these will be a gift he won’t forget!

*Photos will not involve nudity or crudity*
*Photos will represent the female body as the unique and beautiful piece of art that it is*
*Out of respect of those being photographed and those viewing my website these photos will NOT be posted on my blog or website*

  Before and After January 3, 2008   

Remember this beautiful pregnant woman?

Fast forward a few months and notice any thing different??

Look at this adorable little angel! Just melts your heart!

Look at those beautiful twinkling eyes!

Love me some feet!!
If you haven’t guessed, her mom and dad are absolutely CRAZY about her! Can you blame them??
All is well in dad’s arms. . .
Until you get tired! This was just too cute not to post–Don’t you wish we all looked so cute when we were tired? Have a ton more to proof–this is just the icing!