Little Miss Personality October 25, 2007   

This was the last of the NOVA/Maryland sessions. I will be back up that way the weekend of the 3rd, so give me a call if you are interested in a session. This little doll was full of personality and very independent! Look at her beautiful blue eyes! I tell you, I am so lucky to always have such adorable children to photograph! As I proofed these photos, it struck me that this little one bears quite resemblance to a very famous baby we see quite a bit in the media! Any guesses? Getting some love from mom. . .look at that expression!

LOVE this one! One of my favs from the session! Playing games with mom here–you can see her little personality so well in this photo! What a little sweetheart!
I thoroughly enjoyed each of my NOVA/MD sessions so much –Great families, great kids, great sessions! Thanks to all of you for making my job fun and enjoyable!
I’ll be back soon–my youngest is having a 5th bday party this weekend, so I am sure to have photos to share!!
  Another *Great* Session! October 23, 2007   

This is the second of my NOVA/Maryland sessions–and it was great! This little guy was a cutie and mom had great style–just look at all of his stylin‘ little outfits! I love this first one–it could go right next to the hands shot that you do at your wedding–when it’s just the two of you! Look at that sweet face!

Football anyone? One of my standard shots–but I love it every time!
This was a wonderful family! Thanks for hanging in there with the weather and being flexible guys! I hope you found it worth it!
  NOVA/Maryland Sessions October 21, 2007   

I am back and exhausted from my DC/NOVA/Maryland sessions. I really had a wonderful time, but I am completely drained! Here is the first session I had–and it was wonderful!! Great family, great location, and great light!! We did most of the photos at a farm/park–the setting worked out great! Adorable kids as you can see. . .

Mom and dad. . .
Love this shot–it was actually a little windy–love the effects of the wind with the dress.
Love this one of mom and dad–I always tell people my shots are not traditional and this is definitely not! I love the passion with the couple and the red behind them! Last but not least a sweat little love between bro and sis! This was a great shoot, and I hope they love their pictures as much as I do!

  Headed to D.C.! October 17, 2007   

Just a heads up, I will be out of town in Washington D.C. for the next few days! I have three sessions up that way that I am looking very forward to! If you email or leave me a voice mail, I’ll get back with you by Monday. Just a quick reminder to all of my wonderful clients–get those orders in soon to avoid the holiday rush! Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!

  Because I know her mommy and daddy are waiting. . . October 11, 2007   

Here are some more Christmas photos I did this past weekend. For those of you who don’t recognize her, she is my sweet little niece. I love photographing her–for obvious reasons–but her parents go to very great lengths to have *ADORABLE* outfits and will do just about whatever I ask of them–makes my job easy! We experimented with a lollipop for this first one–and she wasn’t sure what to think.

LOVE this dress–I actually am going to get one for my daughter too! It’s just precious.
My favorite! It’s so funny how, as parents, we go out and buy all these adorable clothes and sometimes the cutest photos are ones like this!
Another in B&W.
Hope you enjoyed that! I am off to watch the office!
  Let the Christmas Sessions begin! October 10, 2007   

This is one of my first Christmas mini sessions for the year! These sessions are much shorter than my regular sessions–the goal for these is to get a few either for a card or Christmas gifts. I love how these turned out–these kids are just so darn photogenic! Make sure to click on each image to see it larger.

This is one of my favorites! I couldn’t decide on this one black and white or . . .


I have more to share soon! Have a wonderful day!
  New Dates for Christmas Mini Sessions. . . October 9, 2007   

Christmas mini session dates have been changed!! They are now scheduled for November 8th, 9th and 10th. These sessions will be 30 minutes long. Cost is $100–and includes one box of cards or $50 toward your print order. Please call soon to reserve your spot!

  Charlotte Session    

This is the first of three Charlotte, NC sessions I will be posting. These two little guys were as cute as can be……and very busy little guys! Isn’t this red hair and blue eyes is just gorgeous!! Another set of amazing blue eyes!

Football anyone??
This is one of my favorites from the session. I love his little expression.

Gotta love active little ones. They help me kill two birds with one stone–a photo session and a work out! I was a sweaty mess after chasing these little cuties around–but the results made it very worthwhile! I will be back soon with my first Christmas sessions–they are awesome!!!! Have a great Tuesday!
  Red Cowboy Boots! October 4, 2007   

Here is a post fresh from today. I traveled a little bit to get to this family, but it was worth it! Precious little girls! This little one had the most beautiful blue eyes!

This little one LOVED her red boots–and guess what–so did I!

It was a fun shoot! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! I will be out of town until Monday doing some out of town shoots. I will return all calls and emails upon my return on Tuesday.
  City vs Country October 2, 2007   

So I don’t even know where to begin! I had so much fun with this adorable family!! They even invited me for ice cream after the session! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go because I had to fix–okay, pick up dinner for my own family! We started the session in downtown Charlottesville–I know they thought I was crazy when this was the first photo I asked them to take! Their two beautiful girls. . .

I have been wanting to experiment with the Freedom Wall downtown–and love how this turned out!

Then we ventured to the country–I love this spot and plan on taking lots of photos there! If you are interested in a country type session–call me, cause I have the perfect place!!
The camera *LOVES* this girl–isn’t she stunning!
This next one is one of my all time favorites I have ever taken!
A few of just mom and dad. . .
Love how this one turned out too!
That’s all for now! Have lots more to share with this family! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!
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