Still in love. . . August 29, 2007   

. . . after all these years! This weekend I had to go back to NC for a little bit of work. While there, we stayed with my parents. I had given my mom the gift of a photo session back in February, for her B-day, and this if the first time we’ve had to do the session! Anyway, it was a lot of fun to photograph my parents! They have been married–um. . .around 35-40 years (sorry mom and dad that I don’t know the exact amount), but as you can see from these photos, they are still very much in love! I am glad I was able to capture that for them! I know I don’t tell them very often, but they are wonderful parents and I love them very much! This first one is of my two little loyal subjects–just getting some practice shots.
This one below is one of my favorites!

Another favorite!
Anyway mom and dad it was a pleasure! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
On a different note, I am back in town and ready to get back to work! Give me a call so we can book a session!
  A few more . . . August 24, 2007   

Okay, so I am sitting here proofing, and I am finding more favorites. I just had to share. . . Enjoy! Don’t forget you can click on the images to see them a little larger.

  Yum! Yum! August 23, 2007   

I ask you, do they come any yummier?? This little guy was a doll!

He already has such chisled features, like a little man!

One of beautiful mommy too!

That’s all for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend–maybe the sun will decide to come for a visit! I am headed out of town as of Friday night and will be home Monday night–I will return all emails and calls on Tuesday!
  A few more Christmas designs. . . August 22, 2007   

Here is a sneak peek of a few more of the Christmas cards we will be offering this year. Stay tuned for our Christmas mini session dates and info!

  *Sigh* August 21, 2007   

Sighing is about all I can do when I look at these photos. . .newborns are just so sweet and innocent. Some of my most rewarding sessions are newborn!

I love the contrast in this photo and the feeling of love and protection you get from this photo. Great idea Grandma!!!

Look at those eyes!

Have a great day everyone–will post again soon!

  Mr. Cutie Pie! August 20, 2007   

Introducing Mr. Cutie Pie! This little guy was such a little sweetheart!

Very loved by mom. . .

. . .and dad!
My personal favorite!
Look at that little face!

Thanks Shep and Jen for allowing me to photograph your adorable little guy–it was a pleasure!Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!

Stay tuned for some *Amazing* newborn shots! Yep–Heidi, I’m talking about your little angel!

  Merry Christmas . . . a little early!!! August 19, 2007   

I know it’s early–trust me I usually don’t even like to start thinking about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over–but that’s just now how it works in the world of photography. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to mark your cards off your list early this year?

Here is a little sneak peek of a few of the Christmas card templates I will be offering this year:

There are quite a few more I will be featuring in a few future posts! These cards will accommodate your personal customized text and fonts can be changed. I will be announcing some Christmas mini sessions that will be scheduled for the month of October on the downtown mall. There are a limited number of spots–and first come first serve, so check back soon! My website will also be updated soon with this information, plus a card gallery to view all of the cards, and pricing.
  Charlotte, NC August 18, 2007   

Hey everyone–I am headed to Charlotte next weekend. If anyone is looking to book a session in the Mooresville–Huntersville–Charlotte area, this would be a great time to do so. I realize it’s last minute, but better late than never–right! Anyway, send me an email or give me a call if you are interested!

  Little bundle of joy!! August 17, 2007   

Oh my goodness, I got to photograph the sweetest little baby yesterday! Here are just a few from our session . . . make sure to click on them to see them a little bigger.

Hope you enjoyed! Gotta run–things are starting to get busy around here!! Have a wonderful weekend.
  A few more. . . August 15, 2007   

Here are a few more from my maternity shoot the other day. I wanted to check with my subject before posting these, as they are a bit more revealing. Isn’t motherhood beautiful!

On a different note–I am beginning to book up pretty quick–August only has a few spots left. If you are hoping to do something for the fall or thinking of Christmas cards–call soon to reserve a session! Have a great week.
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