Important Announcement! April 25, 2007   

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in so long–I have been very busy! I wanted to go ahead and make the official announcement that we are moving–to Charlottesville, VA. We have been in limbo for a while and are finally certain–and we couldn’t be more thrilled! It seems like a wonderful place to raise kids and have a photography business! We will be in NC until the beginning of June, and I still have a little room for some sessions–so if you are interested, let me know! I will have the same number up until I move. And, I am planning to come back to NC on a regular basis, so I will still be able to do a limited number of sessions even after we move! I am hoping to post more regularly, but between the move and working so hard on my site, it will be hard–I never realized how much work a website is! Until next time!

  Been Busy! April 17, 2007   

I’ve been busy lately working on a new website! I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy picking all of the colors and details–It’s so much fun and . . . a lot of work! I can’t wait for ya’ll to see it! I’ll leave you with an old favorite!

  Part 3!!! April 12, 2007   

Here is part three of the brown eyed sisters. This little munchkin was so funny and one of the most well behaved two year olds I’ve ever been around!
She was showing me how old she is here!
Lastly, here’s one of all three sweetie pies! Thanks for being so great girls!

  Brown Eyed Girls Part 2 . . .    

Big sis was a huge help! So sweet!
She just got a new puppy. Aren’t they cute together!

  Brown Eyed Girls Part 1. . .    

Okay, I still haven’t figured out how to add more than four photos at a time to my posts–if anyone out there has the solution, please let me know! I had the privilege of photographing three brown eyed beauties today. Due to my limit, I am going to give each one their own post! So here is part 1 of three!
This cutie pie was full of spunk, energy, and tons of personality!

Loved the shoes! So much fun to photograph!

  Siblings April 10, 2007   
Ah siblings, they are so much fun to photograph! I love giving their parents images to look at where they are actually getting along!

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  Isn’t she beautiful! April 5, 2007   
Oh how I wish I had some professional photographs of myself when I was pregnant! The only maternity shots I have have my husband’s thumb over my head! Lovely–ha ha!

Well now I get the honor of helping other beautiful women capture this special time in their lives!

So much fun! Until next time!

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  Not my usual post, but . . . April 2, 2007   
I just couldn’t resist! Saturday morning our dog was going nuts in the back yard. Upon further inspection we realized he was barking at a groundhog that had climbed up a pretty tall tree and had positioned himself in between the branches and was just kinda hanging out! We didn’t realize that groundhogs could climb trees, but after a little research, we found that they could!
Anyway, I had to grab a few pictures of the terrified critter. Cute little fella!

Not the easiest thing to shoot considering I was shooting against the sky, and he was the same color as the tree!

Of course, I have to include one of our pup, Barkley, who found the little guy! Anyway, I promise next time I will post people and not groundhogs and dogs!

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