March 27, 2007   

Okay, I promised some of the littlest sis. . .isn’t she a doll? So much fun to photograph! What an angel!

Who me?

My personal favorite. I considered photoshopping the tatoo, but I kinda think it suits the picture!

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  Two Beauties. . .    

Okay, so I got to photograph these two little beauties this past weekend! I mean do they come any cuter than this? I know they will be excited to make their website debut, and I wanted to give their mom a little sneak peak of what I was able to get!

They have a little sister that is so darn cute–unfortunately, my blog will only let me post four picts. per post, so she’s gonna get her very own post. Girls thank you so much for letting me take your pictures! It was a pleasure!

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  TOO Cute!! March 26, 2007   

Here are a few of the kids I got to capture while in Chicago. Aren’t they adorable? Can you tell their related??? LOVE the curls!

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  A few more!    

Okay, so I couldn’t wait to get these next few up! Just a few more of some of the new friends I made in Chicago.

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Okay, I have been back from Chicago for a week and now am finally getting around updating my blog! I had a blast at the workshop–learned sooo much! I met some wonderful women and feel very inspired. Audrey was so wonderful to all of us–a true inspiration! I learned so much and am just trying to absorb it all. Here are a few photos of some of the other photographers at the workshop–I have more to share and will post later today.

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  Spring is in the air! March 14, 2007   
Happy spring everyone!!

I just wanted to let everyone know I will be out of town at a photography workshop from 3-17 to 3-20. I will return all phone calls and emails when I get back. Make sure you get out and enjoy this wonderful weather!

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  Sessions March 8, 2007   

Here’s a sweet one of my girl. We were just messing around, but I love how it turned out! I think I might end up using it for my next postcard!

I also just wanted to let everyone know that my schedule for the spring is really starting to fill up fast. If you are hoping to get a session in during April or May, please call asap to hold your spot as there are only a few spots remaining. I guess the warm weather starts to get people thinking about pictures!

Until next time! -AS

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  My Inspiration March 5, 2007   
Well, I have officially become addicted to other photographers’ blogs, and figured it was time for me to start my own. It will be a great way to show a few sneak peeks from current photo sessions, update any news I have, and share some of what’s going on in my own life once in a while. My dilema was “how do I just start a blog?” I mean, it seems so official! After a little thought, I figured to best way to begin it would be to share with you the inspiration in my life–and my photography. These are my two sweeties. They are constantly inspiring my to be better–a better mother, a better person, and a better photographer! I am so blessed!
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