kendall… April 6, 2014   

During the LONG winter we photographers get the itch to get out and shoot.  Every now and then we come across some fun models that will be creative with us and stand the chill of the weather!  Kendall and I met earlier this fall and rocked out a senior session together.  We connected and have been in touch often since then.  So when I got the itch to go shoot Kendall was the first one I called!   One of the best parts of photographing high school seniors is the connection and friendships I have built with the teens.  I love watching them bloom and experience life.

Here are a few from our chilly day together!



Kendall you know I always enjoy working with you!  You rocked that wintery hat look and your beauty stands strong in these images!  So thankful for the opportunity to be in your life!






  belly in the woods… March 12, 2014   

Just loved working with this super sweet couple.  You can tell how in love and excited they are about their new little bundle!  Winter shoots can be challenging, but we found some great spots!  Enjoy this beautiful couple…

Can’t wait to meet your sweet little girl guys!  You were so much fun to work with!  xoxo andrea

  the hickey family March 6, 2014   

I admit it, I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog lately.  To be honest I’ve been hibernating and taking a little time off trying to fill my creative cup and spending time with my family.  I have found that it makes me a much better photographer to take time to revive, relax and just get inspired creatively.  So I apologize for my silence on here.  And, now it’s back to work!


This shoot was actually done at the end of the year in 2013 –it was my last shoot of the year!  We shot in a lovely location in Richmond right on the James River!  This family was truly wonderful to work with–so excited and charismatic–not to mention adorable!  I am sure you’ll agree!

Thanks to this wonderful family!  I had so much fun with you and truly enjoyed your lovely energy and excitement!  xoxo andrea

  brothers November 25, 2013   

These brothers are so much fun!  I have been working with them about three times a year for the past couple of years, so I’ve gotten to know them pretty well!  I always look forward to going to see them and see how much they’ve grown and changed.   They definitely keep me smiling and laughing.  I work with so many boys–and I truly love it!  They are fast and fun and so bouncy–it always makes for fun shots!

This shoot was to capture their baby brother’s six month mark.  We got so many great shots of their love for each other and their fun little personalities.  Enjoy!  xo andrea


  November 22, 2013   

I immediately got excited when I pulled up for this shoot.  We were surrounded by a beautiful golden field–the perfect backdrop in my opinion.  Couple that with a super chill, fun family, and I knew we’d get some really beautiful shots!  I truly love the freshness of these.  And, the light…it was absolutely perfect!!  Yet another fun and successful shoot–I truly love what I get to do every day!  I am blessed.  Enjoy!  xo andrea

  bomber baby! November 21, 2013   

This little fella was such a little sweet peanut! His mom and dad and sweet puppy, Clive were super fun to work with too.   It was a pretty cloudy fall day when we shot these–but thankfully the rain stayed away long enough for us to capture some special memories. I adore all of the beautiful leaves on the ground!  And check out his adorable hat and that big smile–what a doll!  I get such a cozy fall feeling when I look at these.  Enjoy!  xoxo andrea


  apple orchard cuties November 19, 2013   

Met these guys in a fun little apple orchard.  Such a great spot for the fall!  I couldn’t have asked for cuter or more adorable subjects!   We ran around and played a lot and dodged the occational stinky, rotten apple on the ground.  Enjoy these cutie pies!  xo andrea

  brandt November 18, 2013   

I traveled to Staunton to work with this super cool family.  I don’t travel over the mountain that much for shoot–it’s always such a beautiful, scenic drive.  We shot at a very pretty location with lots of very cool pine trees, and I couldn’t have asked for better light that day!  This was the first time I’ve worked this family.  These boys were the sweetest, most well mannered boys I have met in a very long time–not to mention they we super handsome!  We had fun wandering around the park finding great spots to shoot in.  We talked about legos, triathlons and occasionally a bodily function conversation would come up–just part of the job :)   Enjoy their sweet faces and lovely smiles!  xo andrea


  apple orchard fun! November 15, 2013   

Met this wonderful family out at Henley’s Orchard.  Such fun day!  We played in the tall grass for a long time, and I fell inlove with the colors of the sky and beautiful green grass.  These photos feel so fresh and crisp to me.

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with this wonderful family for several years now.  They are always so happy and laid back–my kind of people!  It’s been so fun watching this little guy grow up into a handsome fella.  Every year we shoot around Halloween time, and I always look forward to hearing what he’s decided to be for Halloween!   Enjoy this shoot and this gorgeous family!  xo andrea


  playing in the back yard! November 14, 2013   

Yep, for most of this shoot, we just played in the backyard in the leaves and surrounded with the gorgeous autumn sunshine.  It was fun and the light was magical!

I loved working with this sweet, adorable family–it was our first time hanging out–but we clicked right away.  I always love it at the end of a shoot when the people tell me how much fun it was.  They are usually so surprised they had fun.  I guess people think it’s going to be stressful and miserable.  It makes me so happy to know I’ve helped them not only to freeze some moments in time at this stage in their life, but also to have a good time together.  I guess sometimes family photos become just one more thing to check off on the to do list.  This world makes it almost impossible to slow down and spend quality time together, and quite often that is what my shoots end up being–quality time to snuggle, laugh and play–I’m just there to capture it.

Thanks to this family for being fun and real!  xo andrea


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